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The New Community Waterfront

Boost Recreation, Revenues, Social Equity & Sustainability

Feature Article - March 2020

As industrial uses for waterfronts have declined, they have been increasingly reclaimed for recreational use. In this feature, we'll take a look at how to effectively turn a waterfront into a recreation destination.


Rough Waters
>> Poudre River Whitewater Park in Fort Collins, Colorado

Facility Profile - November 2019

The design of a new whitewater park in Fort Collins, Colo., aims to create a space where everyone in the community can find a way to enjoy the river.

Create a Waterfront Destination

Problem Solver - August 2019

Start by establishing your budget and determining who your audience will be and what kinds of amenities you'd like to provide, and then talk to professionals with experience revitalizing similar areas.

2019 State of the Managed Recreation Industry

A Look at What's Happening in Recreation, Sports and Fitness Facilities

Feature Article - June 2019

Nearly 1,600 professionals responded to our call for information about their facilities, budgets, construction plans, operations, programming, staffing and more. Here, we summarize their responses.

Water Wise

Waterfront Development Ideas for Your Community

Feature Article - March 2019

Now that industry has largely left the waterfront, many communities are finding new ways to develop these amenities into recreational destinations.

Add Fun to the Waterfront

Problem Solver - August 2018

Next, consider the space and how you plan to use it. Assess water depth, the surrounding terrain and sun angles to help figure out which amenities will suit your space.

From Industrial to Recreational

Ideas in Waterfront Restoration

Feature Article - March 2018

For many cities, large and small, the waterfront has long been an industrial hub. But now, as industry leaves the waterfront behind, we're finding new ways to rejuvenate these areas for recreation and more.

Chicago Team Rows With the Best

Web Exclusive - March 2018

Saint Ignatius Chicago Rowing is one the top national competitive rowing programs in the city, with both male and female students and former Olympian rowers coaching the team to success.


A Waterfront Park Revitalized
Sullivan Park in Deerfield Beach, Fla.

Facility Profile - February 2018

This intracoastal recreational area, accessible by car or boat, was isolated and underused for years, but now, thanks to a complete revitalization, it's a whole new waterfront.

Develop Your Waterfront

Problem Solver - August 2017

Next, look at the space that's available. How do you plan to use the area? To make the space work for you, you'll need to assess the overall area, water depth variations, surrounding terrain and sun angles. This information will help you determine the best amenities to fit your space.