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Make It Safer
>> How Innovative Turf Products Can Enhance Athletes' Safety

Guest Column - April 2020

When the safety of your athletes is a top concern, itís crucial to understand how the field beneath their feet can have an impact. Learn more about how innovations in synthetic turf can contribute to safety.

Field Goals

Making Multi-Use, Multi-Sports Fields Work

Feature Article - February 2020

If your sports field sees increasing demand and high traffic, you need to know the best strategies for keeping it in playing condition. Here, we talk to sports-field-savvy pros to learn the best practices for minimizing wear and tear.

Tampa Bay Rays Improve Weather Safety

Web Exclusive - November 2019

In September 2018, the Tampa Bay Rays saw an impressive crowd showing up for a game with the New York Yankees, when a lightning strike led to a momentary loss of power. Now, real-time weather threats allow the stadium to better plan.

Grounds for Improvement

New Efficiencies Drive Better Maintenance Practices

Feature Article - October 2019

Efficiency and smarter, more ecological practices are the name of the game when it comes to grounds maintenance. From sports fields to open spaces, learn more about the equipment and practices you need to get the job done right.

Playing the Field

Sports-Field Savvy to Make the Most of Your Investment

Feature Article - February 2019

Whether you're looking to build a field for baseball, soccer, football or lacrosse, and whether you're opting for natural or synthetic turf, you need to ask a lot of questions up front to get the most out of your investment.

Sports Fields

Seven Keys to Athletic Field Maintenance

Guest Column - January 2019

Mowing is the most basic and important aspect to athletic field maintenance, whether this is done with in-house staff or contracted out. Depending on the type of grass, climate, sport, etc., there are a lot of variables to consider for proper mowing height of cut and frequency. However, for the health of the plant, never remove more than a third of the leaf blade per cutting. This may require changing the frequency to adjust with the growth of the plant. Also, having sharp blades for a clean cut will help reduce potential for stress, pest susceptibility, and give a better-looking, consistent cut. If contracting out, be sure to develop detailed specifications for vendors to follow.

Get Ahead of the Game

Successful Sports Field Maintenance

Feature Article - February 2018

No matter which sport you're playing, sports fields can take a serious pounding, and most people expect the field to bounce right back for the next game. Staying on top of maintenance requirements is one way to prevent problems.

Sports Fields

One Field, One Season
Keeping the Natural Turf

Guest Column - January 2018

When UNC needed a new practice field, the school's team went to great lengths to stay with natural turf.

Sports Facilities

Taking the Field
Whitaker Fields Complex at the University of Texas at Austin

Facility Profile - October 2017

With a tremendously popular program providing sports clubs, competition and just plain fun to a diverse audience of students, UT Austin recently updated its facilities to accommodate even more opportunity.

Control Weeds at Your Facility

Problem Solver - August 2017

A weed wiper includes a steel rotating drum covered with a specialized synthetic carpet-like material wetted by a 12-volt pump. The carpet holds the herbicide until it comes into contact with weeds, ensuring maximum chemical transfer to undesirable vegetation on your fields.