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Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Know Your Goals to Design Effective Sports Fields

Feature Article - February 2016

Sports fields often must cater to a diverse range of sports and users—especially those serving park districts and local schools. Here, we talk to the experts about how to set your goals and design effective fields.

Sports Fields

Eight Benefits of Natural Grass

Guest Column - January 2016

While many facilities are transitioning their sports fields to synthetic turf, natural grass turf can provide many useful benefits.

Tarping: How to Keep Your Sports Turf Crew Safe

Web Exclusive - January 2016

Tarps are an important tool to protect sports fields from weather damage. But it's equally important to protect your crew.

Fields of Dreams

Trends & Best Practices in Sports Turf

Supplement Feature - October 2015

Choosing synthetic or natural turf for outdoor sports fields is an important consideration, but it's also crucial to understand the ins and outs of maintaining and caring for both kinds of turf.

Design Corner

Taking It Outside
The Upper Fields Project at Oakland University

Guest Column - October 2015

For Oakland University, the improvement of the Upper Fields has made a huge difference in opportunities to play sports and engage in recreational activities.

Sports Field Management

Managing Turfgrass
Ever Heard of a CPA? What About a CSFM?

Guest Column - May 2015

Certification in sports field management is not only a smart career move, it also can help ensure you have the know-how to keep your fields in top playing shape.

Sports to the Max

Make the Most of Your Sports Fields

Feature Article - February 2015

For fields designed to handle specific sports like soccer, baseball and lacrosse, as well as multi-use fields, finding the ideal turf solution requires special consideration.

Sports Fields

Rebranding the Sports Field Manager

Guest Column - January 2015

Talented sports field managers are like artisans, creating beauty while managing all the aspects of the sports fields under their charge.

Take the Field

Managing & Maintaining High-Performing Sports Fields

Feature Article - November 2014

If you want to keep your sports fields in top playing shape, you need to take good care of turf, whether it's natural or synthetic.

Fields of Dreams

Making the Best Turf Decisions

Supplement Feature - September 2014

Notre Dame Stadium is known as one of the most old-school venues in college football, but the Irish departed from tradition in a big way by announcing that artificial turf would replace the grass in time for the 2014 football season.