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Buoyed by Innovation

The Latest Trends in Aquatic Staffing

Supplement Feature - February 2014

As recreation managers consider how they staff their facilities and train their lifeguards and pool operators, new approaches are buoying them toward more efficient operations and enhanced patron safety. A growing recognition of the weaknesses in staffing approaches today is helping to define this new direction.

Play It Safe

The Latest Playground Safety Trends

Feature Article - January 2014

From safety surfaces to properly designed equipment, there are myriad ways to decrease the likelihood that children will be injured on the playground.


Higher Qualifications
The Implications of College & Graduate Degrees on the Recreation Industry

Guest Column - October 2013

With the job market continuing its slow recovery, many in the field of recreation, sports and fitness facility management have decided to improve their education. Here are some of the implications of degrees in the field.


Camp Leadership Tools
Working Toward Positive Camp Transformation

Guest Column - September 2013

Getting your whole team on board and cooperating doesn't have to be a challenge. Here's a simple strategy to encourage teamwork.

Explore New Ideas for Your Facility

Problem Solver - August 2013

If you really want a change of pace, why not take a look at a European trade show and conference?