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Water Wise

Aquatic Safety Strategies Help Prevent Drowning

Feature Article - January 2018

Preventing drowning means getting everyone on board, from yourself to your staff to the people who visit your aquatic facility. Here, we examine some smart strategies to keep swimmers safe.

Heads Above Water

Lessons, Programs & Technology Help Prevent Drownings

Feature Article - January 2017

Preventing drowning is a job that takes a diverse team of people who care, from lifeguards to pool operators, swim instructors and beyond. Here's a look at the latest in drowning prevention.

Testing the Waters

Tips on Running a Safe & Cost-Effective Aquatic Facility

Supplement Feature - February 2016

With every line item in the budget under scrutiny, aquatic facility managers are looking for ways to reduce operating expenses, while still providing the cleanest, safest and most efficient swimming environment possible.

Safe in the Water

Programs, Audits Are Key to Enhancing Aquatic Safety

Feature Article - January 2016

Keeping swimmers safe is the most crucial task for aquatic facility managers. Luckily, there are plenty of tools at your disposal, from water safety training for patrons to lifeguard certification and training for a variety of types of aquatic facilities and more.

Day-to-Day Aquatics

Heed Warning Signs, Keep a Checklist to Maintain Your Aquatic Facility

Feature Article - July 2015

Aquatic facility maintenance requires careful attention to detail. Luckily, there are tools and strategies you can use to stay ahead of the game.

Pool Procedures Overview

Expert Tips on Maintaining a Safe, Healthy and Sustaining Swimming Pool

Feature Article - April 2015

Swimming pools feature complex chemistry and a whole list of to-do's that are extremely important to keep things running right and to keep swimmers safe. Here, we asked some experts for input on pool maintenance.

Safer Waters for All

MAHC Created to Improve Pool Safety

Feature Article - January 2015

The Model Aquatic Health Code was developed with input from industry experts to provide a guideline for entities managing aquatic facility health and safety issues across the country. Learn more about the code and how it affects your facility, as well as new trends in lifeguarding and more.


'RESPECT' the Water
New Drowning Prevention Campaign Encourages Water Safety

Guest Column - October 2014

You can take precautions to guard against a drowning incident in your pool, but those efforts don't protect patrons once they leave. Enter RESPECT, a new drowning prevention program created by the Association of Aquatic Professionals.

Follow the Rules

A Regulatory Update

Supplement Feature - February 2014

Mandates enacted by Congress to open up jobs, as well as access to public accommodations and transportation to the disabled, have been on the books since the 1990 passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act. But it wasn't until recently that swimming pools and recreational facilities came under ADA scrutiny.

Buoyed by Innovation

The Latest Trends in Aquatic Staffing

Supplement Feature - February 2014

As recreation managers consider how they staff their facilities and train their lifeguards and pool operators, new approaches are buoying them toward more efficient operations and enhanced patron safety. A growing recognition of the weaknesses in staffing approaches today is helping to define this new direction.