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On the Safe Side

Make Your Aquatic Center Safe (and Fun!) From the Ground Up

Feature Article - January 2014

From tight control over water quality to staff and visitor education, there are many ways to improve the safety of your aquatic facility.


RWIs: Framing a Healthy Perspective

Guest Column - November 2013

Earlier in the year, a CDC report led to a veritable storm of media reports on poop in pools. But as with most scientific reporting, a little perspective is called for.

Aquatic Safety

Consortium Aims to Keep Pools Safe

Web Exclusive - September 2013

One of the most important steps you can take to improve water quality at your pool is to educate the public. This month we take a look at some of the things the National Swimming Pool Foundation is doing to help pools keep their water clean and safe.


Water Clarity Saves Lives

Guest Column - July 2013

To ensure your lifeguards can see swimmers, it is crucial to maintain water clarity. Learn more about how to approach water clarity issues.

before you go…

Taking Action
Program Helps Pool Pros With Hurricane Cleanup

Before You Go - April 2013

As a result, massive cleanup efforts continue, including swimming pools (likely hundreds to thousands of pool facilities were affected) that need to be spotless before they open up on Memorial Day weekend.

Calm Water

Trends in Aquatic Health & Safety

Supplement Feature - February 2013

Few things matter more to an aquatic center's prosperity than the health and safety standards that the facility adopts.

Wet Your Whistle

Improving Aquatic Safety and Aquatic Management

Feature Article - July 2012

Aquatic safety is an imperative job for aquatic facility managers—not to be overlooked. Learn about the latest trends in safety and aquatic management.

Roll With the Changes

What Aquatic Facility Managers Need to Know About ADA, VGB and More

Supplement Feature - February 2012

Even the most experienced aquatic facility owners and pool operators sometimes find it hard to stay on top of new ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) guidelines, confusing VGB (Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act) mandates and the ongoing requirements to certify and properly train lifeguards.


That Can't Happen Here. Can It?
To Prevent Drowning, Empower Lifeguards and Others

Guest Column - November 2011

The summer's news of a drowning in Massachusetts prompted many to exclaim that such a tragedy could never occur at their facility. But is that true? And what should you do to be sure?


Auditing Facilities & Preparing for Emergencies

Guest Column - September 2011

Facility audits impact how organizations prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. An audit is an important part of the risk management plan. Find out how to do it right.