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The Air in There

Managing Air Quality in Aquatic Facilities

Feature Article - November 2019

When it's not properly managed, the air in natatoriums and other indoor aquatic facilities can become harmful—especially for lifeguards and frequent users. Learn more about how the industry is trying to tackle this challenge.

In Perspective / AQUATICS

Grant Opportunities Make Secondary Sanitation Affordable

Guest Column - September 2019

Adding secondary sanitation neednít break the bank when you take advantage of grant opportunities. The bonus? You can also save energy and other resources.

Simplify Pool Water Maintenance

Problem Solver - August 2019

Installation should be simple. Ready-to-mount systems that simply require the electrical, tanks and space to hang the system will make it easier to get your pool up and running.

Provide Safe Pool Sanitization

Problem Solver - August 2019

The first choice you should consider is a salt chlorine generator. Here's how it works: You add small amounts of salt as required to the pool. As the pool water flows through the salt chlorine generator cell, it uses an electric current between positively and negatively charged plates to create sodium hypochlorite, a form of chlorine, at near-neutral pH in a sufficient concentration to sanitize your pool's water.

Maintain Consistent Water Quality

Problem Solver - August 2019

Be sure to follow best practices in maintenance. Your supplier will inform you of required maintenance and preventive practices, helping you avoid problems.

Enzymes Make Water Maintenance Easier

Web Exclusive - August 2019

Learn more about how enzymes have evolved to provide specific results for aquatic facilities.

Filtration Operation: Back to Basics

Web Exclusive - July 2019

When it comes to keeping pool water clean and clear, the pool filter is the key. Get back to basics to understand how filtration works.

Aquatic Trends Report

Supplement Feature - February 2019

In our first summary report of Aquatic Trends, we surveyed nearly 1,000 aquatics professionals to find out more about the equipment and amenities found in their facilities, as well as programming, regulatory compliance, major challenges and issues, and much more.

General Trends
Systems & Resources
Outfitting the Aquatic Facility
Certification in Pool Operations
Water Safety & Drowning Prevention
ADA Awareness & Compliance
MAHC Awareness & Participation
Challenges & Issues

Ammonia and Nitrates in Swimming Pools

Web Exclusive - January 2019

Maintaining a pool properly means understanding all of the chemical reactions taking place and keeping things in balance. This article takes a close look at ammonia and nitrates, with helpful advice on maintaining safer water.


Healthy Swimming Pools & the Importance of Chlorine

Guest Column - October 2018

Recreational water illnesses are a real threat to swimmers, and to the facilities that must combat them. Chlorine is your essential tool in keeping the nasties out of your pool.