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Testing the Waters

Tips on Running a Safe & Cost-Effective Aquatic Facility

Supplement Feature - February 2016

With every line item in the budget under scrutiny, aquatic facility managers are looking for ways to reduce operating expenses, while still providing the cleanest, safest and most efficient swimming environment possible.

Understanding ORP, Sanitization & How Controllers Work

Web Exclusive - February 2016

Correct water balance in commercial pools and spas makes the difference between a safe, attractive pool and a disaster. Advances in automation, new methods of disinfection and better education have made aquatic facility managers' jobs easier.


Avoiding Dead Zones by Selecting the Right Pump

Guest Column - November 2015

For newer aquatic facilities with a range of splashy amenities and curvilinear spaces, selecting the right pump is crucial to ensure all of the pool's water is getting circulated and sanitized.

The Science Behind Pool Cleaning

Best Practices for Robotic Pool Cleaners in Commercial Pools

Web Exclusive - November 2015

Your swimming pool is in a constant state of change. Failure to properly clean the pool can lead to illness or worse. Here's how to know if you're doing it right.

Putting Water-Borne Pathogens to Rest

Some Misconceptions and Facts

Guest Column - September 2015

Keeping swimmers safe from water-borne illness is one of the most important duties of keeping an aquatic facility operating smoothly. Here, our expert author examines some of the myths around managing your pool's water.

Maintain Consistent Water Quality

Problem Solver - August 2015

Develop a comprehensive water maintenance program designed specifically for your pool that uses either chlorination or bromination as a primary sanitization method. Then, make sure you understand how the system works, and what you need to do to keep it working at an optimal level.

Day-to-Day Aquatics

Heed Warning Signs, Keep a Checklist to Maintain Your Aquatic Facility

Feature Article - July 2015

Aquatic facility maintenance requires careful attention to detail. Luckily, there are tools and strategies you can use to stay ahead of the game.

Drought-Proof Your Pool

Web Exclusive - May 2015

As summer heats up, things get dryer, and with much of the southwestern United States facing severe droughts, it's important to keep water quality at its best to reduce the need for pool draining and refilling.

Pool Procedures Overview

Expert Tips on Maintaining a Safe, Healthy and Sustaining Swimming Pool

Feature Article - April 2015

Swimming pools feature complex chemistry and a whole list of to-do's that are extremely important to keep things running right and to keep swimmers safe. Here, we asked some experts for input on pool maintenance.

Change Is in the Air

Managing Healthy Air & Water in Your Aquatic Facility

Supplement Feature - February 2015

Change is in the air—and in the water. Today's aquatic managers can wield significant game-changing weapons in the battle for healthier natatorium environments.