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Tailored to Teens
>> Teen Center of Excellence // Ferguson, Missouri

Facility Profile - January 2020

The community of Ferguson, Mo., may have endured a tumultuous past, but with a new Teen Center of Excellence built by the Boys & Girls Club, itís got a new foundation to build a better future.

Go! Tech-Enabled Parks

From Pokemon GO to Geocaching and Beyond

Feature Article - January 2017

There's always talk about how to get people to turn off the technology and head outside. But if you can't beat the screen, there are ways you can incorporate it into your parks and facilities with tech-enabled fun.

Generation Recreation

Catering Wellness & Fitness to Active Agers, Teens and More

Web Exclusive - November 2015

Whether it's designed for active agers or bored teens, programming that is meant for a specific age group is an important part of a facility's lineup.

Attracting Teens, Reducing Trouble

Skateparks & Bike Parks Engage Hard-to-Reach Demographics & Improve Communities

Feature Article - October 2015

When it comes to action, communities are getting in on it. How? By providing outlets for action sports, from skateparks to bike parks and more.

before you go…

Academy Teaches Students About Climate Change

Before You Go - January 2015

The Academy—which is a partnership between the National Park Service Climate Change Response Program and the nonprofit No Barriers Youth—began with a Night Skies program, which led to the creation of the more intensive immersion program.

No Teen Left Inside

Attracting Teens Into Outdoor Programs

Feature Article - March 2014

A growing number of recreation facilities and organizations have discovered how to tap into the mindset of a new generation of teenagers, who are answering the call to outdoor activity and environmental service with enthusiasm.

Before You Go…

Treasure Hunt
Geocaching Encourages Teens to Get Fit

Before You Go - September 2011

In fact, research on this popular trend was presented in June at the American College of Sports Medicine's 58th Annual Meeting and 2nd World Congress on Exercise is Medicine.


Surf to Successful Teen Engagement

Guest Column - November 2009

When you want to tempt teens out from behind the videogame screen, be sure to offer some excitement. Surfing simulators at waterparks across the country are one way to reach this difficult demographic.