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Field Perspectives

The Right Sports Turf in the Right Place

Feature Article - February 2014

Synthetic turf and natural turf have their advantages and disadvantages when used in sports applications. To make the best decision for your facility means carefully considering the options with an eye to your specific needs.

Sports Fields

When There's a Will, There's a Way
How to Design a Field With Unique Requirements

Guest Column - January 2014

Whether you're located in a unique climate or your facility is landlocked and suffers from a lack of space, working with the right team will ensure you get the sports field that meets your needs.


Tiptop Turf
Keeping Your Synthetic Turf in Shape

Guest Column - October 2013

Keeping your synthetic turf in top shape requires careful adherence to maintenance practices. This month, the experts give you a quick rundown.

Grounds for Innovation

Turf Trends for Today & Tomorrow

Supplement Feature - September 2013

One way facilities are accommodating their increased use is through synthetic turf. "We are certainly seeing more and more synthetic systems going in throughout the Mid-Atlantic," said Mike Goatley Jr., professor and extension turfgrass specialist at Virginia Tech and president of the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA). "They're popping up like dandelions."

Beyond the Surface

Installing New Synthetic Grass Fields

Guest Column - April 2013

You've made the decisions to go with synthetic turf for your new sports fields, but do you know what you should look for in a synthetic turf partner?

Sports Fields in Context

Making the Right Choices in Synthetic & Natural Turf

Feature Article - February 2013

For many facilities, synthetic and natural turf fields are not an either-or conundrum, but a both-and solution. Each type of field serves its purpose. Learn more about how to manage your multiple-choice fields.

Maintenance & Operations: Synthetic Turf

Beyond the Basics
Synthetic Turf Fields Have Come a Long Way

Feature Article - October 2012

Synthetic turf fields are a great solution for reducing maintenance requirements, while extending the hours of play available for sports fields of all kinds, from the usual football and soccer to baseball and more.

Top Shape

Keep Turf in Peak Playing Condition

Supplement Feature - September 2012

Since Xavier College Preparatory opened its doors in 1943, student athletes at the girls' Roman Catholic high school in Phoenix have lacked a home field. A neighboring boys' school allowed Xavier's softball, soccer and lacrosse players to use its field for practice, and when a conflict arose, the girls commuted to other schools.

Avoiding Synthetic Turf Installation Problems

Problem Solver - August 2012

Poor installation and/or using an inferior outdoor adhesive can create problems. It's necessary to use installers with outdoor installation experience who can adjust to various weather conditions at the job site, such as: cold or hot; damp or dry; sunlight or even shadows from passing clouds that cause the turf to expand from the heating and contract from cooling; wind getting under the turf like a sail; etc. Outdoor synthetic turf installations are not for beginners or "do it yourselfers." Additionally, the best turf, sub-surfaces and installers are of little value without a good outdoor adhesive with a high green strength. It is an essential.

Sports Facilities

A Community Gets Active
Allen Fields in Angel Fire, New Mexico

Facility Profile - March 2012

In Angel Fire, N.M., a new synthetic turf sports complex has become a hub of recreational activity for kids and adults.