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One Surface, Many Uses

Finding the Right Multipurpose Sports & Fitness Surfaces

Feature Article - October 2016

Sports and fitness surfaces for indoor facilities often need to serve a variety of needs, from sport activities to hosting events and more. Learn more about what makes a good surface for a range of programming.

Refurbish Your Courts

Problem Solver - August 2016

Nowadays, impact-reducing court surfaces are available. These surfaces allow everyone—kids, athletes and instructors—to spend more time playing on the surface with less chance of injury.

Sports Surfaces

The Surface Matters

Guest Column - November 2015

When you want players to be safe and play their best, it's crucial to understand how your surface is put together.

What's Under Foot?

The Basics of Indoor Sports, Fitness & Recreation Flooring

Supplement Feature - October 2015

Whether it's fitness flooring that can reduce the noise and impact of dropped weights or a court surface that can serve as a home for many sports, there's a great deal of variety in indoor sports, recreation and fitness surfaces to meet any need.

Transform Your Tennis Courts

Problem Solver - August 2015

Impact-reducing court surfaces are safer. Look for a surface that is engineered for safety and shock absorption for the best results.

Court Sense

Experts Offer Tips on Choosing Indoor Sports Surfaces

Feature Article - March 2015

If you want to get a lot out of your sports courts, first you need the right design. Then, you must follow proper maintenance procedures. Here's what to consider to get more programming out of your courts.

The Big Bounce

Innovations in Sports Flooring Abound

Supplement Feature - September 2014

For gymnasiums, sports courts, fitness centers and more, a sometimes-overlooked but critical component affecting the safety and performance is the playing surface. Having the right sports flooring improves traction, reduces stress on joints and muscles, and reduces the occurrence of sports-related injuries.

Surfacing 101

Find the Finest Flooring to Fit Your Facility

Feature Article - April 2014

Whether you are planning to build a new gymnasium or upgrade an older one, the decisions you'll have to make are numerous, but none are more important than choosing the right sports surface.

Hardcore Floors

Environment, Maintenance Vital to Flooring Lifespan

Supplement Feature - September 2013

Although more expensive, "Wood floors have the advantage of being long-lasting. The initial investment, cost-wise, equals out at the end of the day. Aesthetically, it looks great," said Randy Swartz, president and founder of a flooring manufacturer in Philadelphia. But, "it's definitely more demanding of the end-user relative to the maintenance and environmental controls."

A Court for Every Need

Improve Playability, Longevity Maintenance & More

Supplement Feature - September 2012

When you're looking for the right surface for your indoor sports courts, there are a lot of factors to consider, from playability and longevity to maintenance requirements and beyond. You also must take into account the unique situation of your facility and its users. Here, we've collected some examples of how other facilities made their surface decisions.