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The Enticing Outdoors

Get Minds & Bodies Moving

Feature Article - May 2014

Playgrounds have come so far since the days of slides and swings installed over an asphalt surface. These days, playground design is adapting to more modern needs—getting kids into nature, and getting them moving.

Power of Play

Investing in Playgrounds Benefits More Than Children

Feature Article - November 2013

Cities and communities across the country have discovered the many benefits to be had by adding up-to-date play spaces. Find out about some of the latest trends in playground design.

Create a Safe Nature Play Area

Problem Solver - August 2013

Look for natural-looking elements that combine high-quality materials and top-notch design to create affordable and low-maintenance solutions.

Create a Stand-Out Nature-Themed Playground

Problem Solver - August 2013

One of the best ways to help kids get and stay healthy is to help them be active. Playgrounds offer a great alternative to sedentary, indoor activities. But how can being outside and playing compete with games and television shows? One way is to create a playground that encourages children to use their imaginations and that combines the wonder of nature with the security of a playground.

Finding the Way to Play

Trends on the Playground

Feature Article - November 2012

From fitness and nature to imaginative play, playgrounds continue to incorporate design elements that get kids moving and having fun.

Finding the Way to Fun

Big Ideas to Help Create Your Superior Playground

Feature Article - November 2011

From intergenerational access and nature-inspired play to custom elements, there are myriad trends that affect playground design. Find out more about these trends, and read about play spaces that are putting them into action.

Going Off Trail

New Paths in Programming to Connect Children With Nature

Feature Article - September 2011

With best practices for programming to help foster children's connection to nature still in its formative stages, many park and recreation facilities, nature centers, preschools and communities are diverging from the traditional programming trails to forge their own paths.


Bringing Nature Into Play

Guest Column - May 2011

With children getting less exposure to nature, play equipment manufacturers are finding creative ways to engage them—not only in play, but also in their natural surroundings.


The Best of Both Worlds
Incorporating Nature Into the Built Playground Environment

Guest Column - September 2010

Immersion in nature is an important piece of childhood development. Finding ways to deliberately design nature back into children's lives will encourage imagination, discourage obesity, and helps develop the environmental stewards of tomorrow.

A Natural Trend

Natural Environment Enhances Playground Designs

Supplement Feature - April 2010

In words and actions, those students two years ago sent a loud and clear message about what they want in a playground, and what changes need to happen in the industry to engage and stimulate them. That message still applies. Playgrounds must provide opportunities for dramatic and imaginative play. Playgrounds should allow for and encourage interaction with the natural world. And they should include little nooks where kids can tuck themselves away for solitary or small-group play.