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Lights, Sound, Action … Score!

Create Top-Quality Events That Don't Break the Bank

Feature Article - September 2020

There's no doubt that the technology we use to turn sporting events into a spectacle have come a long way. In this story, experts in setting the stage for sports discuss the latest in lighting, scoreboards and sound.

Lighting for People and the Planet

Web Exclusive - September 2020

Gulf Shores features miles of pristine beaches along Alabama’s gulf coast, drawing more than 5 million people annually. But as a home to several species of endangered sea turtles, lighting decisions must be made carefully.


Light It Up
>> Sports Force Parks // Vicksburg, Miss.

Facility Profile - May 2020

When it came time to light up the ballfields and beyond at this sports complex in Vicksburg, Miss., efficient and effective solutions were close at hand.

Game Day Connections

Entertain & Communicate With Lighting, Scoreboards & Sound

Feature Article - October 2019

For fans and players alike, the right scoring, lighting and sound systems make a big difference in the enjoyment of the game, whether it's football, soccer, baseball, swimming or any other sport.

Retrofit Lights With LEDs

Problem Solver - August 2019


Pump It Up

Scoreboards, Sports Lighting & Sound Make the Game

Feature Article - October 2018

Sports facilities are all about providing a great experience for both team players and spectators, and one of the essential elements is the way the game is viewed and communicated. Advances in scoreboards, lighting and sound make more possible.

Ensuring Reliable Operation of Field Lighting

Problem Solver - August 2018

A system solution with lighting, structural and electrical designed to work together and factory tested together is going to be much more reliable.

Seeking the Total Package

Trends in Sports Lighting, Scoreboards and Sound Systems

Feature Article - October 2017

Technology is constantly advancing, providing new and better ways to keep sports fields lit, and to provide spectators with all the information and excitement they want.

Control Field Lighting Effectively

Problem Solver - August 2017



Lighting Boost
Seminole County Sports Complex in Sanford, Fla.

Facility Profile - March 2017

When Seminole County Sports Complex, a 15-field sports facility that hosts baseball, softball, soccer and lacrosse, in Sanford, Fla., opened in the spring of this year, it also came with a state-of-the-art LED lighting system.