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Finding Space for Parks

The Ins and Outs of Pocket Park Planning & Design

Supplement Feature - April 2020

In a perfect world, every neighborhood would have a park, but due to lack of space and budgetary challenges, this is simply not feasible. Pocket parks can present a viable alternative.

The Spaces We Share

Landscape Design Pros on Park Design

Feature Article - January 2020

The best designed parks become destinations for people near and far. Here, we talk to landscape design professionals to find out how to build an engaging and aesthetically pleasing park.


Rough Waters
>> Poudre River Whitewater Park in Fort Collins, Colorado

Facility Profile - November 2019

The design of a new whitewater park in Fort Collins, Colo., aims to create a space where everyone in the community can find a way to enjoy the river.

Purposeful Places

The Latest in Landscape Design

Feature Article - May 2019

The role of landscape design in recreational spaces has evolved to include ADA requirements, sustainability trends and multi-use areas flexible enough to draw as many people as possible.

Intelligent Design

Reimagining Parks & Play Spaces

Supplement Feature - April 2019

The challenges of modern-day park design are being met by innovative thinkers who are finding new ways to balance demographics, political forces, investment priorities, geography and other contributing factors.

Get Inspired

Incorporating the Arts Into Parks

Feature Article - October 2018

Nature has long been one of humankindís most common sources of inspiration. Parks have stepped up to provide an outlet both for artists and for those who want to view the beauty.

The Landscape View

Bringing the Many Benefits of Parks to the Forefront

Feature Article - May 2018

The best parks are not just pieces of land set aside for sports and recreation, but rather, take the needs of the community into account and make careful use of landscape design to maximize their potential.

Landscape & Play

Natural Curiosity
The Children's Garden at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Ill.

Facility Profile - November 2017

The Children's Garden at the Morton Arboretum was a tremendous success from its opening day. Here's a look at how the Arboretum has partnered with its landscape architect over the years to continually improve the experience.

From Land to Landscape

Effective Approaches to Park Design

Feature Article - May 2017

From engaging your community to getting the right team together, turning your land into a landscape that will draw visitors is a big task.

Fun for All

The Latest in Park Planning and Design

Supplement Feature - April 2017

Parks are an essential part of a well-planned neighborhood, and as such, they require careful attention to planning and design. Collaborating with residents and other stakeholders and accommodating the interests of multiple generations are two keys to success.