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Landscape Design

Art and Landscape
North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, N.C.

Facility Profile - April 2017

A new design for its large campus helps draw visitors through nature into the museum to experience the many artful offerings of this museum.

By the Shore

Waterfronts Provide Economic Strength, Charm

Feature Article - March 2017

If your community has a waterfront—whether along a river or lakefront, an abandoned quarry or a beach—you've got the ability to develop an amenity that will draw visitors for some passive and active recreation.

Changing the Landscape

Natural Materials, Adventure Courses Top Design Trends

Feature Article - May 2016

Sustainable site design means different things in different environments. This feature will consider some of the important ways sustainable design is affecting parks and sites in different areas.

Nature in the City

Urban Park Design Provides Access to Nature

Supplement Feature - April 2016

For those who dwell in urban and even some suburban areas, access to nature can be difficult, or even nonexistent. Here's how park designers help address the shortage—by creating parks that provide a respite from the daily urban grind.

Naturally Urban

Connecting City Dwellers to Nature Via Parks & Trails

Feature Article - September 2015

Cities are increasingly developing greenways that interconnect various communities and parks. Here, we take a look at how effective greenways in three urban areas are making an impact.

Going Natural

Incorporating Nature Play Into Urban Parks & Greenways

Web Exclusive - September 2015

Expanding on our coverage of urban greenways, we provide additional information about how incorporating natural play elements along greenways can help boost involvement in nature by kids and families.

Picture Perfect Parks & Sites

Working With Landscape Architects on Park Design

Feature Article - May 2015

You might think park design is a simple process of picking a site and placing some amenities. But when you have a landscape architect in your corner, you can make your site into a stunning community gathering place.

Go Natural, Get Creative

The Latest Trends in Park Landscape Design

Feature Article - October 2014

The most beautiful landscapes involve far more than fencing off an area and calling it a park. Careful landscape design leads to parks that successfully gather communities together.

Art in the Park

Innovative Designs Add Aesthetic Interest to Your Green Space

Feature Article - October 2013

Adding art to your site can provide a unique and engaging experience for visitors. And it's not as difficult as you might think. Read on to learn how to incorporate artistic elements into your existing or planned green spaces.


Something Different
Paine's Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Facility Profile - September 2013

It's been a long time coming, but Philadelphia now has a skatepark like no other.