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Oscoda Observation Pier

Oscoda, Michigan

Award Winner - May 2013

The one-of-a-kind Oscoda Pier was designed with the harsh conditions of the Great Lakes and Michigan winters in mind, while also creating a distinguished landmark and destination for visitors and local residents. It was also designed to cater to people of all abilities, going beyond ADA requirements by providing accessible fishing areas and ADA benches.

Set Your Sights on Sites

Exploring a New Golden Age in Landscape Architecture

Supplement Feature - April 2013

If you were to ask landscape architects when the "golden age" of their profession was, many of them would answer that it transpired in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This was a time when cities across Europe and North America—assisted by period of relative peace and prosperity—sought to create huge, planned green spaces that would provide better quality of life for residents and attract tourists.


Sustainable Landscape Design

Feature Article - October 2012

Many parks are turning to sustainable landscaping, which helps keep operating costs down while adhering to a green mission.

Trash To Treasure

Transforming Brownfields Into Playing Fields and Parks

Feature Article - September 2012

Brownfields offer a near-perfect option for many landlocked areas looking to expand recreational offerings. Find out more about how the redevelopment process works.


From Eyesore to Eye-Catching
River Bend Community Park in St. Charles, Ill.

Facility Profile - September 2012

With the help of good neighbors and several government agencies, a former prison site has been transformed into a beautiful amenity for the local community.

Design Corner

Restored Ecology as Park Design Inspiration

Guest Column - July 2012

The master plan for Valley View Park in West Des Moines, Iowa, is the culmination of an extensive public involvement process, investigation and evaluation of historic site conditions and a balanced approach to park development that incorporates human needs and environmental considerations.

Sustaining Excellence

New & Improved Landscape Design for Today's Parks

Supplement Feature - April 2012

Some things, like good wine, just get better and better. Take any landscaping buzzword today, such as "sustainable design" or "universal accessibility," and you may be tempted to dismiss them with a "been there, done that." But what you may not know is that whether you are designing a public park or a playground, these words, among others in the landscape design industry, are continuing to evolve into practical applications and ideas that just keep getting better and better. Better cost savings. Better community satisfaction. Better environmental and public health benefits. And even better economic impact.


A Park Reborn
Callaghan Park in Watsonville, Calif.

Facility Profile - January 2012

One of the first parks in Watsonville, Calif., Callaghan Park had deteriorated over the years. But thanks to a project to re-create the space, the park is now a shining example of site design done right.

A Born Natural

Nature Takes Its Place in Recreational Experience

Feature Article - October 2011

With right-minded design teams in place, you can ensure a landscape design for your sites and parks that takes aesthetics, technology and economics into account.

Design for the Times

Stretch Your Dollars, Boost Your Impact

Supplement Feature - April 2011

Well-maintained parks add value to a neighborhood, realtors say, and there would be a huge public outcry if a municipality tried to sell one off. But these days, in light of diminishing resources and proposed federal and state budget cuts, park landscape design and architecture experts admit that they are being pressed to do more with less.