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Out of the Sun

Shelters & Shade Structures Create Well-Rounded Public Spaces

Feature Article - September 2020

Parks and trails have provided an outdoor respite for many during the pandemic. Here, we'll talk about how shelters and shade help provide a home away from home, suitable for outdoor R&R.

The Importance of Shade in Public Areas

Problem Solver - August 2020

Playgrounds, splash pads, pools, skateparks, basketball courts, bleachers, dugouts and concession areas that were once left uncovered are being protected with a variety of shapes and sizes of attractive shade canopies in lively colors. Especially where children's health and welfare are concerned, this once "optional" park amenity is quickly becoming required equipment.

Great Escapes

Provide Respite & Relaxation With Shelters & Shade Structures

Feature Article - October 2019

From elaborate structures that serve as park centerpieces to simpler shelters that offer an easy way to get out of the weather, we cover all of the ways shelters and shade structures can help improve your site.

Shade That Does More

Web Exclusive - October 2019

What if you could simultaneously provide visitors with much-needed shade while generating power? At the St. Louis Zoo, a unique new shade solar canopy does just that.

Transform Your Space With Shade

Problem Solver - August 2019

You can extend the impact of your shade structures from the daylight hours into the nighttime by adding lighting solutions that highlight the structures' beautiful curves and colors.

Gimme Shelter

Keys for Creating Great Covered Spaces

Feature Article - October 2018

Shelters and shade structures not only provide patrons with a little respite from the blazing sun or bad weather, they can also create a unique focal point for a site, providing a beautiful aesthetic or highlighting a lovely view.

Provide Shade That Adapts to the Weather

Problem Solver - August 2018

Extreme weather can be a problem in many areas. When looking for shade solutions for your site, be sure to do your research. For exceptional events like tropical storms or winter weather, you want to find a shade canopy that is easily removed and reattached.


A Waterfront Park Revitalized
Sullivan Park in Deerfield Beach, Fla.

Facility Profile - February 2018

This intracoastal recreational area, accessible by car or boat, was isolated and underused for years, but now, thanks to a complete revitalization, it's a whole new waterfront.

Add a Little Shade

Shelters, Shade Structures Mix Function & Style

Feature Article - October 2017

When you want to create a park that attracts a wide range of visitors while also creating visual appeal, shelters and shade structures can really make a difference.

Shelters & Shade

Back to the Garden
The Kitchen Community in Memphis, Tenn., & Other Locations

Facility Profile - September 2017

At The Kitchen Community's gardens in various cities across the country, children learn how to grow and eat healthy.