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Bling It On!

Accessorizing With Site Furnishings & Amenities

Supplement Feature - April 2014

The secret is out. From the supermodel on the Paris runway to the landscape designer downtown, they know that "bling"—the accessory—has the power to elevate blah to beautiful.


Made in the Shade
Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Facility Profile - February 2014

The development of Brooklyn Bridge Park has reinvented the landscape of Brooklyn's East River shoreline, repurposing the waterfront neighborhoods of Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge overpass) from industrial shipping and storage areas into the Eden of the East River.

Serious About Shade

Shelters & Shade Structures Enhance Sites, Protect Patrons

Feature Article - October 2013

The right shelter or shade structure can make a big difference in the look and feel of your site. You can use shade and shelters to enhance your site's aesthetics, as well as protect patrons from sun. You might even boost revenues in the process.

Provide Attractive Shade Solutions in Dining & Seating Areas

Problem Solver - August 2013

Shade structures are available in many shapes, sizes and colors, so you'll be sure to find an option that suits your site perfectly. And whether it's a fabric umbrella, a sail or something different, you'll also be protecting your patrons from sun exposure, with up to 99 percent UV screening.

Are You Covered?

Shelter & Shade Trends, From Sun Protection to Customization

Feature Article - October 2012

Parks, pools, and sports and recreation facilities rely on shelters and shade structures to provide sun protection, as well as an aesthetic kick for their facilities.

Providing Shade at Pools & Water Play Areas

Problem Solver - August 2012

For a simple option, you might opt for an umbrella with a single center support post. Available in diameters as large as 25 feet, you can provide 1,500 square feet of shade with just one support, limiting obstacles on your pool deck.

Safe Haven

Protect Patrons & Beautify Sites With Shade & Shelters

Feature Article - October 2011

From sun protection to aesthetic element, from a home base for visiting families to a beautiful backdrop for a wedding ceremony, shelters and shade structures can serve myriad functions on your site.

Protect Patrons From UV Rays

Problem Solver - August 2011

Most lotions on the market tend to provide protection from UVB rays, which cause burns, but are less harmful. UVA rays, on the other hand, go deep inside the tissue and can cause melanoma. The Consumer Reports study showed that many popular lotions simply do not protect against the more dangerous cancer-causing UVA rays. What's more, those that are labeled "waterproof" or "all day" are engaging in false advertising.

Beautify Your Site With Shade Elements

Problem Solver - August 2011

There are numerous shade options, from independent structures to those mounted directly on your playground posts, with either waterproof PVC canopies or fabric covers that can be removed during off seasons or during storms. Shade structures are also available as umbrellas in a wide range of sizes, offering protection for individuals sitting around a picnic table or large groups playing on the playground.

Cover Ups

Selecting the Right Shade Structure for Your Needs

Feature Article - October 2010

Beyond providing just the necessary UV protection, shade structures can provide so much more. When well planned, selected and installed, they can attract more people to our venues, extend the recreational hours of the day and night, add revenue and even put a little romance in our lives.