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All Grown Up

Innovative Programs for Active Older Adults

Feature Article - July 2018

Active agers need a variety of programs to stay engaged. Here, we talked to some experts about how to make sure youíre creating a programming lineup thatís a good fit for your community.

Coming of Age

Shifting Trends in Design & Programming for Active Older Adults

Feature Article - January 2017

There's been a wave of facilities and programs designed to suit the needs of older adults who want to stay active beyond their middle years. This story takes a look at how things are shaping up for facilities looking to meet the needs of this audience.

Generation Recreation

Catering Wellness & Fitness to Active Agers, Teens and More

Web Exclusive - November 2015

Whether it's designed for active agers or bored teens, programming that is meant for a specific age group is an important part of a facility's lineup.

Programming Across the Ages

An Inclusive Attitude Gets Active Adults & Seniors Involved

Web Exclusive - May 2015

By 2017, one of every two people in the United States will be older than 50, and recreation, sports and fitness facilities are adapting to meet the changing needs of this aging population.

Less Stress, More Fitness

Swimming Decreases Stress, Boosts Fitness As We Age

Web Exclusive - February 2015

Just because we get older, that doesn't mean we need to get less fit and less healthy. For those who learn to swim, the water offers the perfect venue for maintaining fitness and health, while reducing stress.

Flexible Facilities

Trends in Multipurpose Facility Design

Feature Article - May 2014

By definition, multipurpose facilities must provide many opportunities for a diverse audience. The most successful begin with smart design strategies that take these myriad needs into account.

before you go…

ICAA Recognizes Top Active Aging Programs

Before You Go - January 2014

The 2013 ICAA Innovators Achievement Award, established in 2003, highlights creativity and excellence in active aging, and recognizes programs that are leading the way, setting new standards and making a difference in the lives of older adults.

Active Aging

10 Trends Changing the Face of the Fitness Industry

Guest Column - October 2012

The demographic shift occurring as the population of active agers expands means you need to change up your fitness offerings or be left behind.

Senior Recreation Center

Creative Outlets
West Flamingo Center for Active Adults in Las Vegas

Facility Profile - February 2012

Searching for a way to bring color to the lives of seniors in this facility, one clever program director turned to a creative solution.

Before You Go…

Reaching Your Peak
Grand Prairie Parks and Recreation Opens 50 and Older Club

Before You Go - July 2010

Nestled at the highest point in Central Park in Grand Prairie, Texas, is a brand new, $23 million recreation facility—just for people ages 50 and older.