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Add a Recycling Program

Problem Solver - August 2012

People will easily spot bright blue or green receptacles. Talk to your manufacturer about finding recycling bins that make it easy to customize colors, labels and hole shapes. Installing a quality, outdoor-specific unit will ensure people that you take caring for the environment seriously, and that you are planning a long-term recycling effort.

Outfit Your Picnic Spot

Problem Solver - August 2012

If you want to get your picnic area set up quickly, look for picnic tables that come with tops and seats pre-assembled. This makes setup quick and easy on your end, once the furnishings arrive at your site.


Enduring Signs
Various Locations

Facility Profile - July 2012

When it comes to marking places, wayfinding and more, signs are a crucial tool. Finding signs that can withstand abuse and harsh environments can help reduce maintenance.

Site Spectacular

Finding the Right Park Furnishings

Supplement Feature - April 2012

Smartly designed furnishings can have a huge impact on the way people use public spaces such as parks and public gardens. But for many financially strapped parks and recreation departments, functionality, durability and price are also key criteria when deciding upon the kind of materials to purchase, according to Guy Hagstette, project manager for the Buffalo Bayou Park Project in Houston.


A Park Reborn
Callaghan Park in Watsonville, Calif.

Facility Profile - January 2012

One of the first parks in Watsonville, Calif., Callaghan Park had deteriorated over the years. But thanks to a project to re-create the space, the park is now a shining example of site design done right.

Find the Right Spot for Site Furnishings

Problem Solver - August 2011

Benches can go virtually anywhere—along trails, near playgrounds, next to sports fields. Wherever there's action or scenery to enjoy. They also are wisely placed where people might need to stop and take a breather. Whatever you do, make sure you place your benches so that people are facing the action or view.

Keep Your Site Clean

Problem Solver - August 2011

It's a simple solution, and it removes the responsibility for pet-waste cleanup from your staff and puts it back where it belongs—pet owners. Place the containers, pet station or bag dispenser in a location where it will be highly visible—along a dog walking trail, at the entrance to a pet park or along the walkway of a park. Instructions on how to use the stations are posted on top of each bag dispenser, so there's no excuse for not using the system.

Improve Accessibility at Your Site

Problem Solver - August 2011

Wheelchair spaces shall provide knee space at least 27 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. Toe clearance 9 inches high minimum shall extend an additional 5 inches minimum from the knee clearance. Toe clearance shall be 30 inches wide minimum.

Update Your Site's Look

Problem Solver - August 2011

It's important to consider your site when selecting furnishings. If you're furnishing a downtown square, you might want to go with classic or modern cast-iron or steel pieces in basic colors. A shaded park site might look great with wood or recycled plastic furnishings. And a play area would look fantastic with brightly colored furnishings that coordinate with the play equipment.

Create the Perfect Gathering Place

Problem Solver - August 2011

Start by thinking about what you expect people to use the space for. If you're expecting lots of picnickers, you'll want to include picnic tables, garbage and recycling receptacles, at the very least. Make sure your receptacles are clearly marked, so patrons know what to throw where. You can use this as a chance to encourage recycling, but be sure to make clear what exactly can be recycled in your area.