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Plan to Recover

Disaster Recovery for Parks & Recreation Areas

Feature Article - January 2019

From wildfires to hurricanes and more, Mother Nature can do a lot of damage. Parks and recreation areas that are faced with natural disasters should have plans in place to recover smoothly.

What to Do After Wildfires

Web Exclusive - October 2018

Wildfires can have a devastating impact on an area. Here’s some advice for restoring and repairing swimming pools after a wildfire.

When Disaster Strikes

Preparation Is Key to Disaster Recovery for Parks

Supplement Feature - April 2018

When hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes and other disasters threaten, parks can be on the front line. Being prepared before disaster strikes is the key to success.


A Community Rebuilds
Parker's Park in West, Texas

Facility Profile - January 2016

After losing his father to a fertilizer plant explosion, one boy sought to transform and heal his community through a playground rebuild.


Rebuilt in a Flash
Greater Naples YMCA in Naples, Fla.

Facility Profile - January 2016

When lightning struck this community's beloved YMCA, everyone came together to provide a temporary home for important programs while the facility was quickly rebuilt.

Disaster Recovery

Playgrounds & Parks Rebuild Following Wrath of Storms

Feature Article - August 2013

Tornadoes, hurricanes, forest fires—disasters can do a lot of damage to parks and playgrounds. Learn how to be prepared before disaster occurs, and how places like Joplin, Mo., New Orleans and New Jersey are recovering in the wake of a variety of disasters.

Dealing With Disaster

Disaster Plans Are Vital for Recreation, Sports & Fitness Facilities

Feature Article - August 2011

The news of the past couple of years has been filled with tragic disasters, from tornadoes to tsunamis, oil spills to wildfires. Proactive planning for a disaster that may never come is a necessity, just in case, and makes recovering what was lost simpler.