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Colleges & Universities

A Look at Trends in Colleges & Universities

Feature Article - June 2012

Colleges and universities continue to build recreation and wellness centers that aim to attract and retain students. This section looks at the latest trends in campus recreation.

Illinois State University Fitness Center & McCormick Hall

Normal, Illinois

Award Winner - May 2012

The new student-centered building is a hub for campus activity and has revitalized the existing McCormick Hall, which was opened in 1925 and remodeled in 1961. Administrative, educational and instructional spaces were added in a new west addition to the building, which extends west toward Main Street, with portions spanning University Drive. The building provides multiple large recreation and academic venues to support existing and new programs.

Ithaca College Athletics & Events Center

Ithaca, New York

Award Winner - May 2012

The program for the Athletics and Events Center focuses on three spaces: the indoor fieldhouse, natatorium and outdoor turf field. The fieldhouse needed to meet the practice, competition, intramurals, club and recreational needs of as many students as possible. The design allows for multipurpose uses including a 200-meter track with runways for long jump and pole vaults, as well as sizing and marking the floor for lacrosse, field hockey, soccer and tennis. A separate throwing cage allows for simultaneous weight throw practice and competition. Elaborate netting allows the fieldhouse to be subdivided so the infield can be used at the same time as the track. The fieldhouse is also used for concerts and speaking events, so substantial acoustic panels on the roof, both metal and fiber wall panels on all walls and a perforated metal damping box on the north end were added to provide excellent acoustics.

Southwest Recreation Center University of Florida

Gainesville, Florida

Award Winner - May 2012

The exterior glass wall showcases user activity with transparent views into the facility, while providing picturesque views out to campus. Taking advantage of these views, the strength and cardio fitness spaces include an upper-level 1/9-mile jogging track overlooking the main cardio equipment space. The track unifies both levels of the open plan with its additional overlooks into the main entry lobby and student lounge.

Design Corner

Success Breeds Success
The Evolution of a Student Center

Guest Column - April 2012

Explore how the University of Alabama has succeeded in adding a student center, and how that success is leading to other successes at the school.

Design Corner

Driven by Demographics
Student Activity Center Design Must Consider All Constituencies

Guest Column - March 2012

The most successful student activity center designs are those that take demographics into account. Every campus and every project will be different. Embracing these differences leads to effective designs.

Intramural Sports Programs

The Collegiate Intramural Experience: Times They Are a-Changin'

Guest Column - January 2012

Regardless of the positive experiences that can be found by participating in intramural sports, female and minority participation remains relatively low. Learn how to change your approach to have an impact on participation.

Cool It Down

Indiana State University Saves on Cooling Towers

Web Exclusive - January 2012

One of the areas where overhead can be contained or reduced is in the operation of the chilled water systems that support air conditioning throughout college campuses, specifically the cooling towers.

Design Corner

Fusion Facilities Confusion Resolution

Guest Column - October 2011

Across the country, more colleges and universities are building facilities that combine traditional student union functions with campus recreation centers spaces. Learn more about how to make this type of fusion facility work.

Before You Go…

Revitalizing Recreation on Campus
University of South Alabama Gets New Campus Center

Before You Go - March 2011

A new student recreation center now adorns the University of South Alabama, giving students the opportunity to improve their health and relax.