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Design Corner

Driven by Demographics
Student Activity Center Design Must Consider All Constituencies

Guest Column - March 2012

The most successful student activity center designs are those that take demographics into account. Every campus and every project will be different. Embracing these differences leads to effective designs.

The ABCs of Aquatic Design

An Alphabetical Stroll Through the Latest Trends

Supplement Feature - February 2012

Every year, aquatics facilities gain recognition and win awards for excellence in design. Perhaps the odds of winning are better for places with spectacular or quirky design elements or amenities, such as thrill rides or hot tubs shaped like horseshoes or clovers. Yet apart from these wow factors are straightforward design features that consistently impress judges and, more importantly, win over the public. Foremost among them is a mix of amenities and a design layout that maximizes programming options and appeals to all ages, from toddlers to seniors.

Legal Issues

Preventing Litigation on Construction Issues

Guest Column - November 2011

If your latest construction project presents flaws that must be fixed, turn to the experts before calling in the legal team to address the problem.

Design Corner

Fusion Facilities Confusion Resolution

Guest Column - October 2011

Across the country, more colleges and universities are building facilities that combine traditional student union functions with campus recreation centers spaces. Learn more about how to make this type of fusion facility work.


Coming Up for Air
Texas Swimming Center, University of Texas at Austin

Facility Profile - October 2011

The Texas Swimming Center turned to a unique solution to improve its ventilation to deal with higher temperatures, greater use and improved air quality.

Before You Go…

World-Class Competition
Design, Construction Innovations in Top Olympic Venue

Before You Go - October 2011

"In their planning for the 2012 Games, London Olympic organizers were intent on addressing their stated mission to collectively provide world-class facilities for athletes, beacons of excellence for communities, and a social, environmental and economic legacy that would enhance the lives of future generations," said Bob Campbell, managing director of Whitewater Parks International, LLC, in the Glenwood Springs, Colo., office. WPI specializes in whitewater sports, specifically in the design, development and operation of state-of-the-art facilities and paddling-oriented programs.

Streamline Pool Planning & Construction

Problem Solver - August 2011

Experienced partners will have more knowledge of how specific types of equipment and designs perform in different environments and contexts. This enables them to help you find the perfect fit for your facility. When you choose the right design, the right programming, the right systems and the right equipment, you end up with a facility that can stand the test of time.

Design For All Times

Trends in Sports Facility Design

Feature Article - July 2011

The design of sports facilities has gone far beyond big boxes to hold gymnasiums and now increasingly incorporates social elements, while also taking into account environmental, compliance and liability issues.

Design Corner

Vibrant Centers of Community Identity

Guest Column - July 2011

For community centers to be effective centerpieces for those they serve, the planning team must take into account the building's design, programming and operations.

Design Corner

Windows and Walls
A Double Standard in Energy Efficiency

Guest Column - April 2011

If you boost your energy efficiency by focusing on the design of your walls, but ignore the windows, you're missing a great opportunity to really make an impact.