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Design Corner

Making Aquatics More Cost-Effective

Guest Column - March 2011

With budgets stretched to the limit, many facilities are wondering how they can run their aquatic facilities without running into the red. Here are some ideas on making things more cost-effective.

Catching the Wave

Staying Current With the Latest Aquatic Designs

Supplement Feature - February 2011

But now, thanks to a difficult economy, aquatic facilities are finally putting all these factors together to create a smarter, more efficient and attractive aquatic experience to compete more successfully for community dollars. More than ever, aquatic designs are geared toward boosting revenues with people-pleasing attractions while reducing overhead costs.

Design Corner

Enhance Your Rec Center's Quality of Life

Guest Column - October 2010

With budgets continuing their crunch, many communities have put their plans for new recreation centers on hold. But that doesn't mean you need to accept the status quo. Many of today's older recreation centers can be successfully renovated or expanded.

Recreation Center

Challenges Met
Sachs Recreation Center in Deerfield, Ill.

Facility Profile - October 2010

The facility once used as a practice center for the championship Chicago Bulls basketball team is now the Deerfield Park District's Sachs Recreation Center, offering a score of new amenities and programming for residents.

Aquatic Enhancement

Memorial Pool in Pasco, Wash.

Facility Profile - September 2010

When the time came to improve a 60-year-old swimming pool, the team dedicated to the project came up with an economical solution that could also inject a bit of fun.

Give Them What They Want

Otter Cove Aquatic Park in St. Charles, Ill.

Facility Profile - July 2010

Careful consideration of community needs is leading to a growing aquatic facility. While kids can splash about now in the spraypark, in years to come, there will be so much more aquatic fun.

Design Corner

Your Visual Voice

Guest Column - February 2010

Have you ever entered a facility where everything seems to speak the same language? There are design pros who can help make that happen.

Design Corner

Budget Reality: The True Bottom Line

Guest Column - November 2009

When you're planning your budget for a new facility, or for an addition or renovations, there's more to the process than meets the eye. Be sure you know exactly how much you'll need by paying attention to all of the finer details.

Design Corner

Facility First Impressions
Lobby Spaces Set the Tone

Guest Column - October 2009

When your facility is being designed, don't forget the importance of the first impression. Lobby spaces set the tone, provide a central control point, offer a community gathering place and, ultimately, help establish your facility's identity.

Design Corner:
Responsive Planning, Responsive Projects

Guest Column - July 2009

Whether or not you know exactly what is meant by "shovel-ready," this guide to the design and planning process will be helpful in tracking your own projects.