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Creature Comforts

Ever-Evolving Locker Room Design

Feature Article - March 2019

Locker room design has come a long way in the past few decades, providing more comfortable amenities that are sure to please patrons.

One Eye on the Future

Plan Your Facility for the Long Term

Feature Article - August 2018

When youíre building a new facility, itís important to take the future into account. Sure, you might know just what your community wants and needs now, but how do you anticipate future needs, and ensure you have the budget to accommodate them?

The Changing Face of Recreation

Multigenerational, Multipurpose Facilities

Feature Article - May 2018

YMCAs and community recreation centers have seen a lot of changes over the years, and most of them arc toward greater inclusiveness. Here's the latest trends in designing facilities for multiple demographics and functions.

Everyone's Welcome

The Latest Trends in Sports Facility Design

Feature Article - May 2018

At colleges and universities, and even some high schools, design for sports facilities caters to the needs of athletes. But lately, these designs are aiming to take everyone into account.

Swimming Ahead

New Currents in Natatorium Design

Feature Article - May 2018

Waterpark-like amenities have taken over outdoor swimming pools, but indoor pools also are adapting with the needs of modern swimmers, incorporating more fun and fitness.

The Landscape View

Bringing the Many Benefits of Parks to the Forefront

Feature Article - May 2018

The best parks are not just pieces of land set aside for sports and recreation, but rather, take the needs of the community into account and make careful use of landscape design to maximize their potential.

Fitness for All

Campus Design Focuses on Connection, Inclusiveness

Feature Article - May 2018

Campus recreation centers are still a centerpiece, providing a useful tool in recruiting new students and ensuring good quality of life for existing students.


The Future of Fitness: Gym Design

Guest Column - March 2018

When planning a fitness facility, it's important to keep one eye on what members want now, and another on what might work best in the future.

Design Corner

Optimizing the Design of Recreation Centers

Guest Column - February 2018

Proper design of your recreation center will address long-term programming needs, ensuring diversity and flexibility.

Fitness Forever

Fitness Facility Design to Meet Changing Demands

Feature Article - May 2017

There's always something new in the fitness world, and fitness facilities must adapt to provide what customers want. Here's how to design your facility to meet the needs of your audience.