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Fit by Design

Getting More From Fitness Facility Design

Feature Article - May 2014

Fitness facilities can encompass a wide range of designs, from bare-bones spaces to resort-like extravagances. Essential to any approach, though, is knowing the facility's audience.

Design Corner

Off the Scale
Create Buildings That Appear Both Imposing and Approachable

Guest Column - May 2014

When we're talking about recreation centers and sports facilities, we're usually talking about facility design on a grand scale. It can be tricky to find the balance between the imposing nature of such grand facilities and the need to make all feel welcome.

Cultural Opportunities

A Case Example Reveals the Impact of Culture on Recreation & Sports Facility Design

Web Exclusive - May 2014

Designers of recreation, sports and fitness facilities must take into account the various needs of the population the facility will serve. Unusual sports and differing cultures can present an opportunity to do something different.

Beautiful Views

The Power of Daylighting

Web Exclusive - April 2014

Sure, providing plenty of natural light can help you save on energy costs, but did you know it also can improve performance and productivity, as well as health?

No Longer a Plain Jane

Locker Room Design Boasts Creature Comforts, Technology

Feature Article - March 2014

Locker rooms have evolved from bare-bones changing areas into aesthetically pleasing spaces with an almost spa-like atmosphere that provides an air of relaxation and all the amenities members want after a tough workout.


Welcome to the Neighborhood
Balancing Inclusivity & Exclusivity in Fitness Center Design

Guest Column - March 2014

College students want many things from their fitness facilities. Balancing their needs and creating spaces for everyone to use and enjoy requires careful attention.

Fun & Functional

Aquatic Design Trends

Supplement Feature - February 2014

Cutting-edge technology and sophisticated play features continue to propel the aquatic industry to new heights, giving aquatic facilities the opportunity not only to offer patrons more breathtaking rides, but boost long-term profitability.

Design Corner

Design Team Coordination
The Benefits of MEP & Architectural Coordination in Designing Athletic Facilities

Guest Column - January 2014

A well-designed sport facility is made up of many elements, and ensuring they fit together as a seamless whole requires effective coordination between architects, engineers and the rest of the project's design team.

Design Corner

The Finish Line

Guest Column - November 2013

Finding the right balance when designing community recreation facilities is a crucial part of the process. Experienced architects will know how to draw the line between too much and too little.

Splash Play

Designing for Discovery
Effective Aquatic Play Design

Guest Column - November 2013

Well-designed splash play areas take all users' needs into account, from the youngest tots to teens, parents and more. Here, the experts lead the way through successful design.