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On a Roll

Creating Bike-Friendly Parks & Communities

Feature Article - May 2020

Creating a bike-friendly park or community begins with infrastructure, and continues with providing a place for bikers of all ages to have some fun and get their wheels rolling.

Create a Bike-Friendly Community

Problem Solver - August 2019

Remember that bike paths will have more appeal if they allow bicyclists to pedal through beautiful scenery, or give them a destination, such as a park or a downtown area. When you provide attractive destinations like this along your bike trail, you'll also want to be sure to include safe and secure places for riders to lock up their bikes while they enjoy the area. A tremendous variety of bike racks are available, and they often can even be customized to suit the look and feel of the surrounding area. Bike shelters can offer welcome protection from the weather, and also can provide a location for wayfinding signage or even a bike repair station.

Rolling Right Along

Expand Biking Options in Your Community

Feature Article - July 2017

Cycling is popular with people of all ages, whether it's a simple and slow ride through the park or a thrill-inducing jaunt along a mountain bike trail.

Attracting Teens, Reducing Trouble

Skateparks & Bike Parks Engage Hard-to-Reach Demographics & Improve Communities

Feature Article - October 2015

When it comes to action, communities are getting in on it. How? By providing outlets for action sports, from skateparks to bike parks and more.