Web Exclusive - July 2012
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Need Energy? Make Your Own

YMCA of the North Shore Saves Resources, Operating Costs with Co-Generation

By Emily Tipping

How can you tell if such a system is right for you?

"Look at your overall goals of energy savings and then do your research to understand whether co-generation can be a part of that—and maybe even an integral part of it," Meany said. For example, larger aquatic facilities—which have a lot of pool water to heat—can really benefit from this technology. And new buildings can also reap the rewards. "As you think about designing and paying for new buildings, it can help you afford them, and cut their operating costs," Meany said.

Other Ys, community centers and fitness facilities are also using the technology. For example, American DG Energy Inc. has reached agreements with many facilities, including the Metro YMCAs of the Oranges in Wayne, N.J. (one of the largest associations of YMCAs, serving more than 164,000 members annually) and Club Fit in Jefferson Valley, N.Y.

Learn more at www.americandg.com.