Web Exclusive - October 2012
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Keep the Speed on Ice

Roseville, Calif.

Figure skating. Ice hockey. Broomball. Curling. If it can be done on ice, it's happening at Skatetown, a privately owned, full-service facility outside of Sacramento, Calif.

Open year-round, Skatetown boasts two NHL-sized ice rinks that are always abuzz with team sports, lessons, parties and even corporate team-building activities. A fully stocked pro shop and yummy café complete this facility.

Skatetown owner Scott Slavensky prides himself in operating a clean, friendly, fun and safe center where kids, teens and adults can play, learn and enjoy those winter sports any time of year. Employees, called "team members" have just as much fun while working as do their guests—that's actually part of their job description. As such, Skatetown is the "Disneyland" of skating centers, always bringing in a large, continual clientele.

But while the ice rink provides fun for all, attention to safety is important, even before and after guests walk through the doors.

Skatetown has plenty of parking spaces for guests in front of the facility. Employees park behind Skatetown, where there is limited parking and an access road, mostly built to be used in the event of a fire emergency.

However, the fire lane had become an alternate way for guests to drive to and from the center at high speeds. This posed a safety hazard for employees walking to and from their cars. In fact, on a few occasions, motorists have narrowly missed staff members who were walking outside the building.

Slavensky, who has always put a premium on the safety of his guests and employees at Skatetown, decided to install traffic-calming speed bumps. The challenge was to attach them to the asphalt roadway so that they will withstand the constant traffic of cars and trucks passing over them.

Designated Parking engineers assessed the problem and offered a solution—to permanently install rubberized, removable speed bumps using Designated Parking's specially designed asphalt anchors, ensuring that the sturdy speed bumps are robust and will serve their purpose for a long time to come.

Speed bump installation has all but put an end to speeding motorists behind Skatetown, creating a safe out-of-work environment for employees and ensuring everyone's safety on and off the ice. The employees appreciate that their safety and welfare are a top priority. The solidly anchored speed bumps have proven to be maintenance free.