Web Exclusive - March 2016
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Dealing With Off-Road Trash Receptacles

By Douglas Glenn Clark

Speedy Trash Pickup

Investing in specialized equipment guarantees faster pickup—even when more trash receptacles are used on beaches and other areas.

Bill Schupp, owner of Schupp Enterprises, contracts with Isle of Palms, S.C., to pick up trash. He's basically a one-man band, so speed and efficiency are essential when emptying 250 cans on seven miles of beach.

"If I hadn't found this type of vehicle I wouldn't be in the trash business," said the former educator who created his business after retirement. "It's fun. I see a lot of sunrises and I never have to touch the garbage."

Cleaner Parks, Trails and Beaches

Overflow and trash spills are normal when too few receptacles are available in public areas. The messy, unsightly problem is solved by placing more trash containers on any given route, a choice that was unimaginable when the work was done manually.

Schaber used to resist when a resident would ask the city to add extra trash barrels. It was too time-consuming to maintain. Now he usually obliges.

Ideal for Large Properties

Finally, the specialized off-road vehicles are ideal for expansive properties with long distances to traverse. Schaber said his vehicle can travel any terrain quickly and yet not do damage to delicate hiking trails or the grass in Rochester's soccer and baseball fields.

And thanks to the size of the compacted collection box, the driver only needs to unload his haul once—at the end of the day—while sitting in a cab with heat and air-conditioning.

Some one-man refuse collection vehicles offer collection boxes in sizes as large as 7 and even 9.5 cubic yards, with a trash compact ratio of 4:1 that provides storage of 28 and 38 cubic yards.

Vehicles like the Load and Pack not only reduce pollution in beaches, parks and sports arena environments, they are also safe to operate in populated areas because many are equipped with three-way cameras that provide the operator with clear side and rear views. Another feature that decreases chances of collision is the ability to turn and move to the next trash receptacle without needing to back up.

"It gives the operator a sense of security knowing nobody is behind you," Hudson said.

Schupp discovered the Load-and-Pack when he heard about its success in Myrtle Beach. He was confident his agreement with Isle of Palms would cover the investment.

"I had a long enough contract. I knew the vehicle would pay for itself," he said, noting that the typical return on investment is about 2.5 years.

The second pre-owned vehicle Schupp purchased was a refurbished model offered by the manufacturer. For municipalities that wish to sell older equipment, Broyhill will pay top dollar to buy back its vehicles so that it can ensure quality control during the refurbishment.

Loftis said maintenance of the Load-and-Pack is routine, despite harsh conditions and constantly running in sand and salt air. A two-part urethane paint that is resistant to chemicals and salt water is used on all vehicles.

Best of all, Schupp said the vehicles delight beachcombers, kids and adults alike.

"It's the highlight of their day. The truck looks like a rolling city with all its safety lights, painted bright yellow with a white dumpster on the back. Everybody knows who I am and they know the machines."

Douglas Glenn Clark is a content creator based in Los Angeles.