November 2019 
Living the Dream
University of South Dakota Wellness Center in Vermillion, S.D.

The University of South Dakota’s Wellness Center recently converted a not-so-popular racquetball court into a functional fitness area that is now seeing more consistent use.

Tampa Bay Rays Improve Weather Safety

In September 2018, the Tampa Bay Rays saw an impressive crowd showing up for a game with the New York Yankees, when a lightning strike led to a momentary loss of power. Now, real-time weather threats allow the stadium to better plan.

  October 2019 
Pool Painting Tips & Tricks

Painting is one of the best ways to protect and beautify your pool. Learn more about the tips and tricks to be sure you get it done right.

Shade That Does More

What if you could simultaneously provide visitors with much-needed shade while generating power? At the St. Louis Zoo, a unique new shade solar canopy does just that.

  September 2019 
Natatorium Lighting Design

The Vanderhoof Aquatic Centre in Vanderhoof, British Columbia is a an architectural showpiece with a unique lighting design that creatively illuminates and integrates with the facility's overall design.

Splash Play Area Boosts Inclusion, Community

When the city of Morehead, Ky., was forced to close a city pool, it replaced the facility with a splash play facility designed to serve the entire community.

  August 2019 
Keeping Summers Accident-Free

An alarming number of water-related deaths and injuries occur in and around pools each year. Learn how building codes have added provisions to make pools and spas safer.

Enzymes Make Water Maintenance Easier

Learn more about how enzymes have evolved to provide specific results for aquatic facilities.

  July 2019 
Make Better Weather Decisions

Doppler radar is an important tool in evaluating weather conditions, but it’s important to understand it well before making weather-related decisions.

Filtration Operation: Back to Basics

When it comes to keeping pool water clean and clear, the pool filter is the key. Get back to basics to understand how filtration works.

  June 2019 
Trends in Camp Facilities
A Look at Trends in Camps

Camp facilities range from summer camps for youths to campgrounds and RV parks for anyone who cares to spend some time relaxing in the great outdoors. Here, we provide an overview of trends in these facilities.

Trends in Rec Centers
A Look at Trends in Rec Centers

Community sports and recreation centers provide a place for people to get involved in a wide variety of programs, from team sports to fitness and more. Here, we take a look at the latest in these facilities.

  May 2019 
Neighborhood Investments & The Common Good

A recent report covering four cities reveals how investments in parks, libraries, trails and other civic assets can change people’s perceptions of the surrounding neighborhood.

Brand-New View

When Pinellas County, Fla., needed to replace the boardwalks and fishing pier surrounding the observation tower at scenic Wall Springs Park, engineers decided to find a more lasting solution.

  April 2019 
Year-Round Aquatics

Kirkland Lake in northeastern Ontario has transformed into a charming town with something to see and do for everyone. Recently, the town added multifunctional indoor pools and aquatic spaces.

UNC Greensboro Aquatics Go Green

There’s a growing trend among athletic aquatic facilities to install eco-friendly equipment. The University of North Carolina in Greensboro recently updated its aquatic facility with energy-efficient equipment.

  March 2019 
On the Move

How do you start a campaign to get people around the world moving and getting fitter? Find out more about a campaign to do just that.

Ensure Long Heater Life

When it comes to pool heater failure, improper installation is a common culprit. If you want to be sure pool water stays warm, take time now to review your heater installation.

  February 2019 
Detroit Creates a Community

The Downtown Detroit Partnership has created public spaces around the Michigan city that bring millions of people together annually to play, learn, laugh, get active and more.

Swimming in Luxury

Excitement has been building around 20,000 square feet of luxury swimming pools at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center—pools that will allow patrons to enjoy beautiful views and fresh air even when the peaks are covered with snow.

  January 2019 
Ammonia and Nitrates in Swimming Pools

Maintaining a pool properly means understanding all of the chemical reactions taking place and keeping things in balance. This article takes a close look at ammonia and nitrates, with helpful advice on maintaining safer water.

A Splashing Good Time

In late September 2018, an amazing new splash park was completed in the river valley of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, featuring visual appeal, inclusivity and eco-friendly recirculation.