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Making a Splash
Splash Island at Lake Gregory in Crestline, Calif.

Facility Profile - May 2015

When this lakefront attraction wanted to boost attendance and create some excitement, they turned to a partner who could turn their waterfront into an aquatic park.

Drought-Proof Your Pool

Web Exclusive - May 2015

As summer heats up, things get dryer, and with much of the southwestern United States facing severe droughts, it's important to keep water quality at its best to reduce the need for pool draining and refilling.

How Refreshing!

Updating Splash Play to Meet New Demands

Feature Article - April 2015

Now that splash play areas have been around a while, new trends are taking hold. From water treatment and conservation to designing the areas for appropriate ages and experiences, learn what's new.

Pool Procedures Overview

Expert Tips on Maintaining a Safe, Healthy and Sustaining Swimming Pool

Feature Article - April 2015

Swimming pools feature complex chemistry and a whole list of to-do's that are extremely important to keep things running right and to keep swimmers safe. Here, we asked some experts for input on pool maintenance.


Green & Efficient
Adlai E. Stevenson High School Lincolnshire, Ill.

Facility Profile - April 2015

When this high school's natatorium became increasingly inefficient, a team of experts came together to create a unique air handling solution to fix the problem.

Design Corner

Perception vs. Reality
Swimming Pools & Water Conservation

Guest Column - March 2015

With water conservation increasingly a concern—especially in drought-ridden areas of the country—it is important to understand how swimming pools use water, as well as how to save water in these essential facilities.

Beyond Treading Water

Finding Profitability in Aquatic Operations

Supplement Feature - February 2015

If only aquatic facility managers could control the weather, they might be able to improve their bottom line.

A Pool for Every Purpose

Multi-Use Pools Provide Space for Competition, Leisure

Supplement Feature - February 2015

At least one expert says that large multi-use pools may be the way of the future for colleges, park districts and health clubs.

Change Is in the Air

Managing Healthy Air & Water in Your Aquatic Facility

Supplement Feature - February 2015

Change is in the air—and in the water. Today's aquatic managers can wield significant game-changing weapons in the battle for healthier natatorium environments.

Less Stress, More Fitness

Swimming Decreases Stress, Boosts Fitness As We Age

Web Exclusive - February 2015

Just because we get older, that doesn't mean we need to get less fit and less healthy. For those who learn to swim, the water offers the perfect venue for maintaining fitness and health, while reducing stress.