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Make A Statement!

Shelters, Shade Structures Go Above and Beyond

Feature Article - September 2015

You can make your park or site stand out when you choose shelters and shade structures that create a sense of place and provide a unique aesthetic.

Naturally Urban

Connecting City Dwellers to Nature Via Parks & Trails

Feature Article - September 2015

Cities are increasingly developing greenways that interconnect various communities and parks. Here, we take a look at how effective greenways in three urban areas are making an impact.

Going Natural

Incorporating Nature Play Into Urban Parks & Greenways

Web Exclusive - September 2015

Expanding on our coverage of urban greenways, we provide additional information about how incorporating natural play elements along greenways can help boost involvement in nature by kids and families.

Joining Forces

Partnerships Help Parks, Recreation Facilities Improve Effectiveness

Feature Article - August 2015

Developing partnerships with other organizations, whether they are nonprofit or for-profit, is vital in helping to make recreation facilities more effective in executing their plans for new or existing developments or programs. Learn about how to form effective partnerships.

Create a Recreation Space Designed for Families

Problem Solver - August 2015


Provide Accessible Fitness for All

Problem Solver - August 2015

Outdoor fitness areas can incorporate a variety of equipment, including circuit training, body-weight resistance, as well as adjustable resistance, giving community members a chance to get a full-body workout. What's more, many units accommodate multiple users, which means more people can work out at once, getting all the benefits of a workout with the added bonus of a strong social element.

Create a Destination in Your Park

Problem Solver - August 2015

You can choose a structure inspired by designs in a catalog, modify a current design with different columns, colors, roof types and laser-cut ornamentation, or create a truly unique structure that starts from your own ideas or sketch.

Make Your Site Pet- and People-Friendlier

Problem Solver - August 2015

You also should post the rules for your park or site in a central location, such as the entrance, and be sure to emphasize rules associated with pets, including leash and cleanup requirements. In addition, be sure to have uniformed staff members visit the park on a regular basis. A physical presence will let pet owners know that you're supervising, and also will give you the opportunity to explain the rules to those who turn their backs when their pup makes a deposit.

Find Green Site Furnishings

Problem Solver - August 2015

How can these products be used to encourage recycling? Many site furniture catalogs provide you with ways to promote green initiatives, particularly recycling initiatives. This can often be achieved with special lids and decals on existing litter receptacles or through recycling stations customized to accept your unique recyclables and litter.

Take It Outside

Outdoor Fitness Areas Brings Fitness to All

Feature Article - July 2015

Providing fitness equipment for free use at a park, along a trail or near a playground offers a smart way to build your community and help its members get more active.