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Improve Accessibility at Your Site

Problem Solver - August 2011

Wheelchair spaces shall provide knee space at least 27 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. Toe clearance 9 inches high minimum shall extend an additional 5 inches minimum from the knee clearance. Toe clearance shall be 30 inches wide minimum.

Update Your Site's Look

Problem Solver - August 2011

It's important to consider your site when selecting furnishings. If you're furnishing a downtown square, you might want to go with classic or modern cast-iron or steel pieces in basic colors. A shaded park site might look great with wood or recycled plastic furnishings. And a play area would look fantastic with brightly colored furnishings that coordinate with the play equipment.

Create the Perfect Gathering Place

Problem Solver - August 2011

Start by thinking about what you expect people to use the space for. If you're expecting lots of picnickers, you'll want to include picnic tables, garbage and recycling receptacles, at the very least. Make sure your receptacles are clearly marked, so patrons know what to throw where. You can use this as a chance to encourage recycling, but be sure to make clear what exactly can be recycled in your area.

Parks: Dreams Come True

Westminster Center Park in Westminster, Colo.

Facility Profile - July 2011

When designing this new park space and playground, the planning team looked to a sister city in England—and took some cues from the story of Peter Pan, as well.

Mix and Match

When Outfitting Your Park, Context Matters

Supplement Feature - April 2011

When it comes to furnishing your site—from selecting the types of furnishings you will include to choosing the best designs for your location—there is no right or wrong. As you make those decisions, the most important thing to remember is context—the context of the environment and community in which the park sits.

A Park for All

Todd Beamer Park in Fresno, Calif.

Facility Profile - January 2011

Less than 10 years after his tragic death on a flight destined to crash in a Pennsylvania field, the city of Fresno, Calif., celebrates Todd Beamer's legacy with a new park.

Visual Upgrades

Turn Basic Site Furnishings Into Recreational Enhancements

Supplement Feature - April 2010

This, according to recreation experts, is what more park districts are beginning to do to enhance the beauty of their sites—taking conventional site amenities and turning them into multipurpose furnishings or even works of art.