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Big Plans, Small Steps

This month, we have plenty of ideas to help you carry those plans forward, whether you want to provide more adventure or you need ideas about conservation or you just need a better handle on how to manage tasks for your aquatic facility.

A Place for Everything

From sports parks featuring multiple ballfields to more passive recreation areas featuring picnicking spots and walking trails to destination playgrounds and beyond, designing and outfitting outdoor spaces can be a complex process.


Playgrounds & Park FurnishingsA Guide to Playgrounds & Park Furnishings

In our annual Guide to Playgrounds and Park Furnishings, we talked to playground manufacturers about the latest trends in play equipment. We also cover selecting and placing site furnishings, as well as ideas on site development.

Intelligent Design

The challenges of modern-day park design are being met by innovative thinkers who are finding new ways to balance demographics, political forces, investment priorities, geography and other contributing factors.


Choose Your Own Adventure

Most playgrounds feature an array of apparatuses for children to grow their physical, emotional, cognitive and other skills. But choosing the right playground equipment requires a few first steps.


Find Your Fit

Selecting site furnishings for public spaces requires careful thought. Choices should be functional and practical, while also presenting a certain aesthetic.

Rise to the Challenge

When you want to provide adventure to your patrons, there are few better options than climbing walls and challenge courses. Learn more about how to bring these amenities to your facility.


Keep Your Head Above Water

To keep your swimming pool safe for swimmers and the water sparkling and clear, you need to take care of daily, weekly, monthly and other regular tasks. Here's an overview of some smart maintenance practices.


Conservation Conversations

From clever programming that immerses people in nature to education and initiatives to preserve and conserve, parks and recreation organizations continue to spread the word on environmental awareness.

Guest Columns

Facility Profiles

Parks: Growing Green Space

From new playgrounds and amenities to improving streetscapes with trees, New York City has been making impressive strides in its already-impressive parks.


The Last Word with…Donna Gaukler

Donna Gaukler's career in recreation began in Lidgerwood, N.D., when she started working for the park district there at just 15 years old.

Web Exclusives

Year-Round Aquatics

Kirkland Lake in northeastern Ontario has transformed into a charming town with something to see and do for everyone. Recently, the town added multifunctional indoor pools and aquatic spaces.


UNC Greensboro Aquatics Go Green

There’s a growing trend among athletic aquatic facilities to install eco-friendly equipment. The University of North Carolina in Greensboro recently updated its aquatic facility with energy-efficient equipment.