New Rain Bird Controllers Provide Flexible, Simple Control

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Commercial-grade controllers provide easy retrofit and new-install options with 40 programs and connectivity for up to 48 stations.

TUCSON, Ariz. (June 27, 2022) – Contractors can now help commercial sites, like schools, parks and shopping centers, create more customized irrigation schedules, meet their water efficiency goals and enjoy simpler remote access with Rain Bird’s new ESP-LXME2 and ESPLXME2 PRO Controllers.

“The ESP-LXME2 and ESP-LXME2 PRO are feature-rich, next-generation, modular commercial controllers,” said Doug Closter, product manager at Rain Bird. “They incorporate an improved user interface developed through multiple rounds of customer research sessions and field testing. We feel that these controllers truly elevate our commercial control product line by offering everything contractors and their customers told us they need, including an extra-large backlit display and more available programs.”

Contractors can install the LXME2 or LXME2 PRO as new controllers or as easy retrofits to existing LXME and LXMEF models in the field. Thanks to an intuitive user interface with simple dial positions, new soft buttons – like the dedicated “Back” and “Language” buttons – and a backlit screen, they’re easy for contractors and end users to program. The controllers can be expanded from 12 to 48 stations using 12-station modules, and both models support Simulstation™ capability, enabling them to run up to five stations at once for maximum efficiency in tight water windows.

The LXME2 and LXME2 PRO offer 40 programs and up to 10 start times per program, so users can tailor their irrigation schedules to meet the needs of any site. Both controllers have capacity for one weather station and one master valve, and the LXME2 PRO features a flow-sensor input 2 and second pump start output programmable by station. Improved diagnostic features like detailed event/failure logs and contextual help make it easier to discover problems before they become serious issues.

The more advanced LXME2 PRO offers a “Pro Smart Module” that supports flow sensor input which enables additional features such as an automatic “Learned Flow,” as well as Rain Bird’s FloWatch™ and FloManager™ features that optimize water usage, guard against high- and low-flow conditions and shorten total watering times. The module also provides a secondary pump output that makes it possible to program the controller to only engage the booster pump when running stations or programs that really need it, saving valuable energy.

Remote access to the LXME2 and LXME2 PRO is available via Rain Bird’s IQ4 Central Control with an NCC Network Communication Cartridge that uses a cellular connection as well as other connection methods. Having multiple connectivity options available makes it possible for end users to select the one that best suits their sites’ needs and configurations.

“With the ESP-LXME2 and ESP-LXME2 PRO Controllers, we’re able to offer an easier-to-use, modular system with multiple configurations and price points,” Closter said. “These controllers represent an excellent new install or retrofit opportunity for contractors and enhanced flexibility for end users. LXME2 and LXME2 PRO can bring affordable, top-of-the-line control and water savings to more commercial sites.”

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