Aquify Systems Cements Partnership With Herborner Pumpen

DALLAS, Texas, June 29, 2022 – Aquify Systems, a leading innovator of aquatic mechanical product solutions and the exclusive North American distributor of Herborner pumps, has expanded its partnership with Herborner Pumpen, the top European manufacturer of commercial aquatic pumps with a 148-year track record, to create a streamlined customer experience that delivers the highest quality, efficiency, and service.

Aquify welcomed Juan Martinez—a Herborner-trained engineer and technical expert with more than 11 years’ experience in watergush products, water pumps, VFDs, and control panels—to manage the production of Herborner pool pumps at Aquify’s and Herborner’s 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Dallas, TX. Herborner pumps are now 100% assembled and flow-tested in the USA, to the Hydraulic Institute’s standards by factory-certified technicians, before being shipped to customers across the Americas and internationally.

“Juan trained for an entire month at the Herborner factory in Germany, mastering their processes, procedures, and stringent quality assurance methodologies in order to replicate the process at the Dallas facility—German quality, built in the USA,” said Ryan McDowell, President of Aquify. “With a certified technician onsite, customers are assured the highest level of quality control and responsive support and service for the full line of Herborner pool pumps.”

To ensure pumps meet exacting industry standards, the Aquify/Herborner facility boasts a Herborner hydraulic flow testing rig onsite, built to Hydraulic Institute standards, to validate pump curves and performance prior to shipping. Variable frequency drives (VFDs) can also be tested and programmed in conjunction with pumps for easy installation.

“From our joint facility in Dallas, all Herborner pumps—factory flow-tested and certified onsite—can be packaged alongside Aquify regenerative media filters, VFDs, reducers, tees, and strainers so customers receive a single load at the job site, eliminating the logistical complexities and inefficiencies of coordinating deliveries of equipment from various vendors across the project timeline,” added McDowell.

About Aquify Systems

At Aquify Systems, we’re shaping the future of mechanical products at the heart of the swimming pool. We’re focused on improving the owner, designer, and pool contractor experience while minimizing environmental impact. Our solutions save water, reduce energy consumption, and decrease the space required—all while lowering operating costs.

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Aquify has offices across North America and partners around the world. Learn more at and connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

About Herborner Pumpen

Herborner Pumpen develops the most innovative and high quality pumps in the world in order to make water operation as efficient, environmentally friendly, and profitable as possible. Our vision is to offer the technically best energy-saving product for the fields of water such as swimming pools, ships, and sewage.

All pumps for the North American pools and aquatic parks market are designed in Germany and built in our facility in Dallas, TX. Learn more at or connect on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.