Exercise That's Customized

Margaret Pace Park

Miami, Fla.

playgroundResidents of the city of Miami now have a fresh new place to work out. Margaret Pace Park has a custom outdoor gym built for the community.

The newly updated fitness zone includes more exercises for people at high fitness levels and low-impact exercises for those just beginning their fitness journeys. This gym answered this community's need for an exercise opportunity that was approachable to all park-goers.

When planners from the city visited the park to assess how to update the fitness area, they noticed how active the community was. They also noted how people use this park all day long, more so than for most parks. It was very important to thoughtfully design the outdoor gym to meet the needs of the community.

The custom Functional Fitness Rig sets this gym apart. The rig is unique and shaped for the available space. It's tailored to Margaret Pace Park and the community that uses it every day. The design of the fitness rig includes 27 different features for an all-encompassing workout. Some of the exercises include sit-ups, pull-ups, wall ball, a human flag, stretching, rope climb, levers and dips. This fitness rig is truly versatile, and anyone at any fitness level can find dozens of ways to exercise on this equipment.

A typical morning at the park sees various users exercising on the equipment in many ways: seniors using the Legacy Series units for core and arm strengthening, amateur boxers training in the fitness rig area, an expectant mother using a post to stretch. The outdoor gym at Margaret Pace truly serves the community.

The gym gets rave reviews from locals, who enjoy the chance to get a full-body workout in the fresh air. "I'm glad that they built this," said Shim, a park user. "The last time I was here it wasn't done yet. I was kind of down because I love my pull-ups, dips, sit-ups [and] outside activities. I'm happy that it's done now. I just moved here, and everything's perfect with this around."

The fitness zone also includes Legacy Series units that utilize the user's body weight for resistance. This equipment is perfect for beginners and seniors. The Legacy Series units are intuitive and low-impact. The units at Margaret Pace Park exercise the back, arms, chest, lats and core.

The Margaret Pace Park outdoor gym also features adaptable plyometric steps. Plyometric steps improve cardiovascular endurance, and can be used for step-ups, box jumps, dips, push-ups and much more. They add an exercise element to the fitness zone that is personalized to the user.

Margaret Pace Park is located near mid-rise condo buildings right on the water. The park is heavily used with many choices for recreation. Other recreation opportunities at the park include tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, a playground, a dog park, and a walking park. With these options already there, an updated outdoor gym gave the park something it was missing—a fitness opportunity tailored to the community.