A Small Space + A Little Creativity = A Lot of Benefits

outdoor fitness

Project planners got creative with a couple small strips of land at their park to make sure all visitors have something to help them get active. Lexington Park in Cypress, Calif., offers a custom outdoor gym that can be used by park users at any fitness level.

The Lexington Park fitness zones show how to be creative in a small space to serve people of all abilities. The two fitness areas are nestled between sports fields and a walking path that goes around the entirety of the park. The first area is 1,520 square feet, and consists of Legacy Series equipment that can serve up to 19 people simultaneously. The second area is 1,200 square feet and features a custom functional fitness rig that can be used by 17 people at the same time. These two meet the needs of the beginners and advanced users alike.

The first area has a multigenerational and inclusive appeal. The Legacy Series units at Lexington Park are intuitive, low-impact and approachable for everyone of all abilities. Beginners, parents of athletes and seniors alike can exercise at this park together and get a well-rounded workout in. The units at Lexington Park exercise the back, legs, arms and core. This area also includes equipment from the patented (U.S. Patent 9,079,069) Signature Accessible line, which allows people in wheelchairs to exercise with their able-bodied friends and family members. The walking path around the park is also smooth pour-in-place rubber, making for easy access to the outdoor gym for people in wheelchairs.

The second area includes a custom Functional Fitness rig, which appeals to more advanced park goers. This rig is unique as it was customized to the linear area. Though compact, it includes 14 different features such as high rings, a captain's chair, dips, flag pole, parallel bars, and pull-up bars.

The equipment allows those who aren't participating in sports to engage in physical activity. Spectators or parents can get a workout in while watching a game or practice.

Community leaders see the benefit of adding an outdoor gym. "[Outdoor fitness equipment] was certainly an integral part of the park," said Cypress Mayor Paul Morales. "Yes, you can have athletic fields. You can have walking paths like this does, but you know not everybody has the time to get out there to go run several miles. Sometimes you only have 10, 15 to 20 minutes, and having outdoor equipment like that readily available, so close, a part of the community just helps everyone."