Looking Back, Looking Forward

Today, as I'm writing to you all, it is Dec. 29. As is typical at this time of year, I'm doing a lot of looking back and thinking about what worked, along with looking forward to think about what I'd like to change. And as I was out walking along the river this morning, letting my mind wander a bit as I tried to think of what I might want to say in this editor's letter, it came to me that this is the 10th time I am writing a letter for the January issue of Recreation Management. By this time next year (assuming I don't get squashed by a truck or abducted by aliens in the meantime), I'll have a full decade of covering recreation, sports and fitness facilities under my belt.

Thinking back, especially over the first couple of years, I can remember being constantly surprised to learn how many things happen behind the scenes that I had no clue about. I remember being repeatedly impressed at the way professionals in this industry are driven by missions that are crucial to our society and culture, but that often go unapplauded.

As I review nearly 10 years' worth of letters written for January, I see that I often write about resolutions. For the most part these days, I don't really make resolutions—at least publicly. However.

For nearly a decade, I've been reading and reporting on the things you're all doing out in the field, from improving operations at your aquatic facilities to coming up with clever new group fitness programs, from finding ways to encourage kids to take risks on the playgrounds without getting too risky to choosing the best types of surfaces for indoor and outdoor sports. But, to be honest, from a personal perspective, if what you're doing isn't happening on a trail, I've probably never tried it. I don't swim. I don't join group fitness classes. I don't play any sports…

So this year, I'd like to try something different. I'd like to try out some new things—programs created and hosted by parks, fitness centers, sports facilities—you name it. In fact, I'm hoping you will name it. I'd love to hear your suggestions! Drop me a line at [email protected] and tell me what kind of activities you think I oughta check out and why.

Over the course of the year, I'll report back on the things I'm trying in our Rec Report e-newsletter, and let you know what I think. I'll be collecting your suggestions (and maybe adding a few of my own … I've always wanted to sign up for archery) over the next month or so, and will report back in the Feb. 15th newsletter to let you know how things are going. If you want to stay updated on that, along with other news and trends, you can sign up for our newsletter at the RecManagement.com website.

In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy a great beginning to 2016! Here's to you and all you do, friends!


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management

[email protected]