Expand Programming to Boost Pool Attendance

The most successful swimming pools provide effective programming to attract a range of swimmers, from kids learning to swim to seniors swimming laps. In this day and age, though, many pools find it difficult to compete with the bells and whistles provided by more modern, waterpark-like facilities. But you don't have to bust your budget on renovations to attract more swimmers. You simply need to provide programming that attracts more people to the water. Modular inflatables can provide an opportunity to expand your programming with birthday parties, competitive events and more—ultimately boosting attendance and increasing revenues.

Q: Our swimming pool provides a range of programs, including swim lessons and aquatic exercise, but we don't get the same kind of attendance as some of the more modern facilities in our area. How can we attract people back to our facility?

A: Modern amenities might seem attractive, but it's the programming you provide at your facility that gets swimmers into the water. You don't have to add big new attractions to draw them in. You simply need to find new programming innovations via simple, cost-effective solutions.

Safe, modular inflatables are available to help make your pool more fun. They are easy to set up and allow you to be innovative and provide variety in your programming lineup at a relatively low cost.

Q: How can we use modular inflatables to improve our pool's programs and attract new swimmers to the pool?

A: Modular, interlocking, commercial-grade inflatables will transform your pool from a boring body of water into an aquatic arena. It's the perfect setup for hosting fun competitions.

Modular inflatables are available in a variety of configurations, so you can mix and match the elements, creating new ways for guests to have fun. Competition will attract swimmers of all ages—especially the hard-to-draw teen demographic. Even those who don't win will have fun splashing into the pool. Inflatables will allow guests to climb and slide, jump and kayak, and prove their prowess in myriad ways.

Once you have your new modular inflatables set up, be sure to get the word out. Use social media and other venues to let the local community know all about the fun you have to offer. Hosting parties is another savvy way to spread the word. When you provide party rentals, groups get to use the pool and inflatables during off-hours, and many guests will be sure to come back for more. Inflatables are also a very useful way to increase visitor numbers during free play.

Q: What else should we know?

A: Don't forget to change things up occasionally. With new modular elements being released all the time, your pool won't remain static. You can expand on your existing lineup with new offerings any time.

Be sure to look for inflatables made seamed, welded, 32-ounce PVC that does not require continuous airflow to ensure long-lasting fun that is simple to set up and operate.



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