Provide Patron-Pleasing Concessions

When it comes to planning the types of concession options you provide to your visitors, branded fast food is a great alternative. You can always manage concessions on your own, but if you decide you'd like to try something different, a branded quick-service concept can provide meals and snacks from known and trusted sources. There are many concepts out there, so how do you narrow it down and choose the best option for your situation?

Q: We are reviewing branded concepts for our concessions. What should we consider?

A: Most importantly, you need to select a trusted brand with a proven track record. Talk to representatives from all the brands you're considering, but don't stop there. Ask for references and talk to the individuals who run their locations. Are franchisees happy with this brand? Does the corporate office respond quickly to their needs? How much control do franchisees have over operations and products? What systems are there to help in support, communications and training? Do you have a local representative nearby to call on when you need help?

There is a growing consciousness around the healthy qualities of the food we consume. Because of this, be sure to pay attention to brands that combine nutritious products with great taste. That way, your visitors won't have to choose between fun and health.

Q: Why is branded fast food so popular among consumers?

A: Brands that deliver great quality and exceptional service at a good value will always stand head and shoulders above the rest. Branded fast food is such a successful choice because many people think of it as comfort food. Your audience will be familiar with the choices offered by these brands, and they trust them to provide quality, value and service.

What's more, with obesity and overweight continuing to be a big challenge in our society, nutrition and healthy options are increasingly important to consumers. Any brand worth your consideration should have a reputation for providing healthy options.

Q: Can a branded fast food concept help us operate more effectively and efficiently?

A: With built-in name and product recognition, in addition to an existing customer base, branded concepts come with customer loyalty, with recognized menus and recipes, operational systems, suppliers and a powerful advertising program already in place. Because of that, you won't have to build all these aspects of your business from the ground up.

Startup costs can be very reasonable, and there are options that require minimal space and equipment. That means they can be incorporated easily into your existing foodservice operation. You choose whether to use existing staff or lease the space to a local franchisee, who will handle the business details, freeing you from the headaches of day-to-day management.

Branded fast food is a natural fit for park and recreational facilities, helping you stay ahead of the competition with a unique and convenient offering for your patrons. You'll boost traffic, and the brand's advertising campaigns and reputation can help point people to your venue, giving them a reason to come back time and again.



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