Save Energy & Money at Your Pool

It takes a lot of energy to run a pool and the equipment that supports it. And with budgets squeezed tight, many facilities are looking for ways to reduce their costs. The good news is that manufacturers are constantly developing new ways to streamline operations and save energy, helping reduce operating costs. A few small upgrades can make a big difference in the amount of energy you consume—and dollars you spend.

Q: We are aiming to improve energy efficiency at our pool in order to lower our operating costs. What are some small steps we can take?

A: Compared with incandescent bulbs, LED lights can reduce energy use by up to 80 percent while lasting as much as 20 times longer, making replacing your pool lights with new LED lights one of the easiest ways to reduce energy consumption at your pool. With your energy savings, combined with the reduced maintenance needed for LEDs, you'll find your investment is repaid quickly. In addition, LED lights can provide a more aesthetically pleasing look, as they are twice as bright as incandescent bulbs.

Another easy fix to help reduce your energy consumption is to use pool covers. These can lower the cost of heating the pool, while also reducing evaporation, saving you from water loss. When you keep the water in the pool, you use less energy to heat and treat it, which means a pool cover is a smart, cost-efficient way to conserve resources and operating expenses.

Q: What are some other ideas for reducing our operating budget?

A: Some other smart tools for saving energy include variable frequency drives (VFDs), as well as energy control automation, which helps monitor your system, allowing your pool to run at maximum efficiency levels.

Remember to check your local energy utilities and other organizations in your area to see if energy rebates and incentives are available to reward you for saving energy. This will help you recoup your investment in energy-saving products more quickly.

Contact your pool equipment supplier to discuss all of your options for saving. They'll be able to find the best solutions and cater them to the specific needs of your pool.



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