Coordinate Your Park's Look

When you want to create a beautiful, cohesive park that will draw your community for gatherings, contemplation, sports and fun, consider adding a coordinated series of shelters, gazebos, kiosks and more to provide a unique look.

Q: We want to create a unique look for our park using shelters and other structures. What should we consider?

A: Before you start making your selection, think about how your park and its surrounding area currently look. Your choices in structures, shelters, furnishings and more should be in line with the context of your site. For example, a historic downtown area will be enhanced with a very different selection than you might find in a scenic woodland park.

You can find an impressive variety of premanufactured shelters, gazebos, pavilions, kiosks, message centers, arbors and much more that will fit beautifully into your site, whether it's located in a mountainous desert area, a beachfront or a downtown district.

Talk to your manufacturer about your needs, and be sure to discuss how the climate of your area—salt winds off the ocean, heavy snow loads in the north and more—will affect your selection.

Q: We want to ensure our park provides a pleasing destination for our community, as well as visitors. How do we select shelters that can stand out as a focal point?

A: You can find prefabricated shade structures and shelters in a wide range of sizes and styles, right out of the catalog. Many manufacturers create lines of amenities meant to coordinate with one another, so you can choose smaller shelters to serve for individual picnic spots, along with a pavilion that matches, as well as entrance kiosks and more. You can add ornamentation, or even lights and solar power to heighten the appeal of your shelters.

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, talk to your manufacturer about customized options that can create a truly unique and inspired look for your site.



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