Provide All-Season Sport & Training

People of all ages love getting involved in the great sports programming offered in nearly every community. But if your sports commonly take place outside—like soccer or football—the end of warmer weather brings a long lull. There are solutions, though, that will allow you to provide training and play in every season.

Q: We're looking to construct a facility that can house sports programming year-round, but are concerned about the time and resources needed to design and construct a new building. What should we consider?

A: When you don't want to get bogged down in the long process of designing and constructing a facility, you should consider a tension fabric structure. These structures can be built quickly at a much lower cost than conventional construction.

Tension fabric structures are airy and spacious, allowing for a large amount of space without requiring internal columns, which might get in the way of play. The sound-absorbing covers and walls help reduce noise inside the structure, which makes for a quieter indoor environment for sports of all kinds.

Q: We want to operate our new sports facility without breaking the bank. Are there ways to conserve energy to reduce our operating cost?

A: Because a tensioned fabric structure features a white cover, you won't need as much artificial lighting as in other types of buildings. That means you'll use less energy. When the days are bright, the natural lighting provided will be perfect for sports activities.

Q: Won't the facility be hot in the summertime? How do we manage the temperature inside?

A: A tensioned fabric structure's cover is translucent and reflective, which helps keep indoor temperatures stable, providing even more energy savings. In addition, ventilation options are available, including doors, roll-up sides and wall vents, which also can help reduce energy use by helping you regulate the temperature of your facility.



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