Build a Sustainable Year-Round Sports Facility

When you want to take your sports programming from seasonal to all-season, you need to find a building solution that works. But keeping a building operating through all the seasons can be costly, in terms of energy costs and environmental impact. The right building solution can help reduce your costs by saving energy and running more efficiently.

Q: We're looking to expand our sports programming but need a facility that can be built quickly and cost-efficiently. What should we consider?

A: Pre-engineered steel systems feature a lower cost than typical construction, while offering an aesthetically pleasing, finished facility. Depending on the type of building you're constructing, steel systems construction can save as much as 30 percent of the construction cost.

In addition, you can save time with this type of structure, due to standardization and computer-assisted design. You can save up to a third of the time it will take to construct your facility using other methods.

Q: We are looking for a solution that will be more energy-efficient. Is there a solution?

A: Look for pre-engineered steel systems that feature insulated roof and wall systems. This will decrease your HVAC costs dramatically. You also should look for cool roof colors, which help to keep your facility cooler naturally.

In addition to HVAC savings, you can find other ways to reduce energy costs in your facility. Natural lighting options such as skylights and translucent wall panels will decrease your lighting costs while also providing a natural, pleasing aesthetic for the people using your facility.

Q: Can we find a year-round sports building solution that will contribute to our green mission?

A: Steel building systems will not only save energy costs, they also contribute toward LEED certification. But even if you aren't looking to get your structure certified for its green qualities, these buildings contribute to your green mission by enhancing energy efficiency and renewable energy, and conserving materials and resources.



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