Find Sustainable Restroom Solutions

It's becoming more common for owners and operators of parks, camps and other outdoor sites that feature restroom structures to seek out solutions that conserve energy while providing a pleasant experience for patrons. What's more, most states are beginning to require that insulated, heated restroom structures meet energy code requirements.

Q: We want to install a heated restroom structure in our park, but know we need to meet code requirements. What should we consider?

A: If you're installing a heated structure, you should know that many states are moving toward energy codes that try to lower energy use. Your manufacturer should understand these requirements and provide a restroom structure that will comply with all local codes. Look for green roofing materials, including Energy Star roofing, which will help reduce the environmental footprint of your structure.

Q: What are some other ways we can improve our restroom facility's eco-friendliness?

A: Inside the restroom, you should provide durable amenities and finishes that are long-lasting. Walls should be seamless and vandal-resistant, making them easy to clean and moisture-resistant.

Solar power is available to support your facility's lighting and ventilation. Newer LED lighting will dramatically reduce the power needed to light your building, in addition to requiring less maintenance.

Q: In addition to reducing our energy use, we'd like to find ways to conserve water in our drought-stricken area. What should we know?

A: In some areas, water use is a crucial consideration. If you can eliminate flush toilets, this saves a great deal of water. Restroom structures with vault evaporators do not require running water, and are designed to reduce odors. At the same time, this technology decreases vault waste, which means you won't have to pump out the facility as often. You can still provide water for sinks and drinking fountains in these facilities, while eliminating the water that is wasted flushing toilets. However, keep in mind that if your ultimate goal is saving water, you can always use hand sanitizers instead of handwashing sinks.



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