Bring Beach Fun to the Playspace

Everyone loves playing in the water, and water all by itself creates a natural draw to kids and adults alike. But you can go above and beyond and create a splash play area that will stand out and draw a crowd by adding themed elements. What better way to highlight your watery fun than with beach-themed elements?

Q: We'd love to give our splash play area a unique theme that draws more visitors. What should we consider?

A: Whether you want to create a tropical escape in an urban community or simply build out a nautical play theme, consider a collection of play features designed to inspire the imagination with salty air and sandy toes. You can find free-standing play elements that will turn an everyday park excursion into a refreshing seaside vacation.

Q: What kinds of features should we look for to add beach fun to our play area?

A: Look for themed elements that capture the calm, relaxation and fun of the beach with just a handful of features. A giant parasol can provide cooling shade with a shower of rain. Larger-than-life beach balls indulge the senses as they cascade with water. Add a tall surfboard to invite imaginative play with water spray action on two sides and a translucent acrylic feature that creates a stunning focal point for any play space.

Use color to take your beach theme further. A soothing palette of white, turquoise and ocean blue will complete your peaceful seaside adventure. Bring the sights, sounds and textures of the beach to any space for all to enjoy.



Waterplay Solutions Corp.