Refurbish Your Courts

When tennis courts begin to wear out and attract fewer users, it's time to start thinking about renewing them. Transforming your older facility is easier than ever, thanks to new developments in environmentally friendly surfaces that boost safety and performance. What's more, you can expand beyond tennis to provide more opportunities for visitors.

Q: Our park's older tennis courts are in need of resurfacing. We're looking for a solution that will allow visitors to play tennis, while also providing for other activities. What should we consider?

A: It is simple to transform old tennis courts into a multi-functional space that will reach more community members. Versatile park amenities can easily adapt to new trends in sports and recreation. Ask about a customized surface that will allow community members to have fun playing tennis, while also making it possible to enjoy pickleball, futsal, volleyball, basketball and other sports—all on the same surface.

Q: Are there surfaces that are safer and more comfortable for users than our existing concrete tennis courts?

A: While most park tennis courts used to be constructed of concrete and acrylic, these choices can be unforgiving and can lead to stress injuries, especially for regular players and instructors who are using the surface a lot.

Nowadays, impact-reducing court surfaces are available. These surfaces allow everyone—kids, athletes and instructors—to spend more time playing on the surface with less chance of injury.

The surface you choose should be engineered for shock absorption and safety in mind to ensure the best results.

Q: Are there court surfaces available that are eco-friendly?

A: Many manufacturers understand the need to reduce the environmental footprint not only of their products, but also of their own business. You can find surfaces that make use of your existing slab, which will reduce costs of demolition while also protecting the environment. If it is necessary to replace your concrete slab, recyclable site pads are available that will also improve drainage at your site.



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