Please Locker Room Patrons

While the locker room might not be the first thing that attracts new patrons to your facility, it's a crucial space. Providing the right amenities and ensuring your locker rooms are clean, dry and safe can make a big impression.

Q: What are some ways we can upgrade our locker room experience without getting into a complete renovation?

A: In this important space, little changes can make a big difference. You can easily incorporate smaller items, such as hair dryers and toiletries for your patrons' use. If you want to do a little more, you should consider replacing your metal lockers with wood laminate or recycled plastic for a more aesthetically pleasing, quieter experience.

Swimmers will appreciate it if you incorporate a way for them to dry their wet suits quickly. Swimsuit water extractors can remove up to 95 percent of a swimsuit's moisture in less than 10 seconds, which makes this a perfect feature for your locker room if you have aquatic amenities. In addition to pleasing patrons, a swimsuit water extractor will help keep your locker rooms tidy and dry, because patrons won't have any reason to leave their dripping suits hanging over locker doors.

Q: Locker rooms are often forgotten by our staff as they walk through our facility. How can we ensure they stay neat and tidy all day long?

A: Start off with education for your staff. Create a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule, and let staff know that they need to regularly visit the locker room to check on toiletries, cleanliness and other problems. Regular visits will also help deter theft and vandalism.

Keep a checklist next to the locker room entrance that employees can use. They should be checking and restocking toilet paper, checking the garbage, and also checking for wet floors and other messes.

A swimsuit water extractor will also help keep things neater all day. Swimmers who can't easily dry their wet suits will often leave them hanging around, where they drip onto the floor, creating slip hazards and potentially causing damage.



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